Thursday Thrills: Something To Dig Your Heels In

Here’s the scenario — perhaps you’re familiar with it: You spend hours agonizing what to wear to a formal event. You finally pick out your ensemble. You find a pair of perfect heels that knock your socks off. You look in the mirror and you look gooooood. You go to your formal event, ready to strut your stuff, but instead, you participate in the simple act of walking and end up with a twisted ankle because you tripped and fell when your high heels got stuck in the grass. Humiliation at its best.

You could have saved yourself this embarrassment and the likely broken Louboutin if you had high heel protectors to save your kicks from ruin.

Heels Above has come to your rescue with small and simple devices that literally protect your heels from many different kinds of unstable terrain.

Heels Above stylishly protects and stabilizes your high heeled shoes, keeping you above surfaces like grass, grates and cracks that can damage your shoes and slow you down. Ideal for outdoor weddings, special events and everyday life, Heels Above is a small flexible piece of recyclable plastic that attaches easily to your high heel shoes, and are simple to slip on and off. Available in two different sizes that fit most heels, the grip fits snugly around each heel without damaging the shoe or detracting from the style of the stiletto. Heels Above keeps you from sinking into grass and from getting stuck in sidewalk cracks by increasing the bottom surface of the heel.

This “Why didn’t I think of that” product is a lifesaver that every shoe-loving Yenta should carry in her purse. And what Jewish girl — okay, what girl — is not a shoe-lover?! You spend enough money on your shoes, so why should you allow them to get damaged during a night out? As Cher from Clueless says when defending her taste in men, “You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.” We all have a little Cher in us (Alicia Silverstone is a member of the tribe…) and that’s why Heels Above and The Yentas are excited to share these high heel protectors.

And, because today is a Thursday Thrills day, you can win your very own high heel protectors for special events like weddings! One winner will receive 10 pairs of Heels Above protectors! Just enter to win by leaving a comment below about your favorite pair of shoes you own! Who makes them and why are they your favorite? Give us a little shoe envy. Brag about your best pair! Enter the giveaway by Sunday, June 26th at 11:59 p.m. PST and the winner will be announced Monday. You do not have to be Jewish or a current bride to win!

Good luck!

  • Rachel says:

    My favorite pair of heels used to be these black Carlos Santana stilettos. I loved those to death. Literally, I loved two pairs of them to death. Otherwise I love Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson. I’d prefer Manolo Blahniks, but they aren’t quite in the budget.

  • Michelle says:

    Neat product! You can’t always wear wedges to formal events. My favorite pair of heels is a Nine West pair. Not fancy or expensive, but comfortable. And they go with everything.

  • Allison Chung says:

    Love my Jessica Simpson flats. It’s my go-to shoe when I want something comfy and cute!

  • Danielle says:

    I had to buy a pair of gold strappy Jimmy Choos for a wedding I was in. For the amount I paid, I’d be pissed if they got ruined!

  • Dee says:

    I just pick up a “previously” worn Michael Kors -pumps from Lady Elle. These “celebrity re-sale” shoes were previously worn by LeToya Luckett previous member of girl group Destiny’s Child. They were still pricey but way less than if purchased new. Now I can protect them with Heels Above – Wow!

  • stacey says:

    I purchased them online from about 4 months ago to wear to an outdoor wedding. I had on my Manolo’s and it really kept my heels in great condition because the grass was a little wet, and I didn’t even sink in. I highly recommend them.

  • Kara says:

    Seychelles! Best shoes ever!

  • Sharon says:

    my mary jane style skechers are my favorite shoes. i could wear them 24/7

  • Gabrielle says:

    My favorite shoes are a pair of tan wedges I found at Target– I can wear them to work and then out for dinner/drinks without feeling an ounce of discomfort!

  • Chelsea Wallner says:

    I can’t honestly pick a favorite of my heel collection. I love all my heels. That’s all i wear when i got out. No matter how much weight you gain your shoes will most likely always fit! They are my confidence booster and your a right a nice spray on tan! I love colorful heels and any brand works for me. Anything fun with a cute dress will put a smile on my face!

  • Mar says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are these black patent leather strappy stilettos from Anne Klein – they are just comfy and go with everything! They’re my go-to shoe…..

  • Erica says:

    Favorite shoes are Two Lips peep toe pumps. they go with everything! Cool product, those heel protectors.

  • roberta Gerrick says:

    My vote is for Rebecca and Daniel!!!!

  • ginger says:

    I love my new Jimmy Choo, i bought them for a freind’s wedding. I used a pair of heels protections with a luxury jewel from Talon Chic:
    A great makover for my new favourite shoes and an invisible protection

  • Heather says:

    My favorite shoes are a pair of Shoe Story Sandals that I bought for my wedding this July. I got them in wine red and I love that the heels are shaped like a heart. The are pretty comfortable too and so adorable!