THURSDAY THRILLS: mark. Your Face!

This week, it was a blast working with Kimberly Bayer Photography, Jennifer Cariker from mark., and the awesome models who showed off their looks in a way that could teach Tyra a thing or two.

So now you deserve to get in on the action!

Not only should you be inspired to do your makeup for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and honeymoon, but you should be drooling with excitement to get your epidermis on the fabulous mark. products that were featured this week!

Thanks to Jennifer, an all-star mark. makeup mentor, The Wedding Yentas is giving away three prizes, which means three winners!

Enter for your chance to win:

The Bridal Shower Look!
Kaelia sweetly modeled soft, neutral tones to reflect a bright and cheery day! So when it’s your turn to share a lovely afternoon with your favorite women, you, too, can sport the look and win your own fresh set of the Making Eyes Duo and Gloss Gorgeous products.

The Bachelorette Party Look!
Brandy is a fun girl that we all love to have as a friend and she shows her sassy side with her big smile, sparkling eyes, and ready-to-party personality! She may be little, but she’s got a big heart for anything fun, which is why her bachelorette game face is on! A little drama on the eyes and a little pout on the lips can be yours with your own Super Flip Color Kit, the all-in-one product that has everything you need to make endless looks for eyes and lips. It’s compact and has everything you need in one package, making it perfect for travel. Vegas anyone???

The Honeymoon Look!
It’s time to jetset with your new hubby and the last thing you want to worry about is the makeup you need to pack. Remember, you’re loved for being you, but you’re a girl and you can’t help it: you still want to look your best even when you’re enjoying your post-nuptial bliss. You don’t need a lot, but why not dazzle with what you bring along? Danielle’s exotic looks and flair for adventure made her the perfect girl to showcase the Ibiza collection that’s an ideal foundation for your honeymoon inspiration. So, we’re giving it away! You can have your very own Glowdacious bronzer and Ibiza Eye Shadow Stick. Whether you’re off-roading in a jeep or snoozing on the beach, you will sparkle in mark. and in your newlywed beauty.

Enter to be one of the three winners to receive either the Bridal Shower Look, the Bachelorette Party Look, or the Honeymoon Look! Leave a comment below and tell us what your must-have beauty product is by Sunday night at 11:59 PST. You don’t need to be a bride or be Jewish to win. All entries are valid until the deadline and the winner will be announced Monday on Facebook! Make sure you “LIKE” the Yentas Facebook page to find out if you’re one of the three winners. Good luck!!

To shop for our own mark. beauty products, visit Jennifer for super service!

All photos are by Kimberly Bayer Photography, a Southern California wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer.

  • Jessica Harvey says:

    My must-have beauty product is mascara! My fave at the moment is lash accelerator from Rimmel. Mascara makes me look alive, awake and ready to take on the day!

  • Sharon says:

    Lipstick! Even when I’m too lazy to apply eye make-up, some lip color always brightens up my face.

  • Jenny says:

    My must-have beauty product is eye primer. My eyeshadow stays put all day without creasing or running.

  • Gabrielle says:

    My must have beauty product is my eye lash curler! With a little curl, I look more awake and ‘put together’. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Marissa says:

    Blush! If I don’t have time for anything else, it will always do to help me look and feel ready to take on the day!

  • Christine says:

    My must-have product is mascara. If my skin is looking good enough to go without anything at all, there is still always the mascara! :-)

  • Hannah says:

    My must have beauty product is mascara and an eyelash curler!


    Crossing my fingers for this one!

  • Sharona says:

    I love my mascara + moisturizer. Can’t go out without those!

  • Shira says:

    Mascara and bronzer go a looooong way on my face! A must no matter what!

  • Angela says:

    I love flavored lip glosses! I have also discovered long staying lip color that actually stays on all day instead of disappearing the moment I drink anything!

  • Holly says:

    My must have beauty product is great lash mascara. Love it!

  • Megan says:

    My one must have item is foundation/concealer. I currently use bare minerals and since I have an awful complexion I need concealer to even out my skin tone. Once I have that on I feel much more confident and can live without other stuff if I must (well mascara would be nice).

  • Rachel says:

    I want to win! I want to win! My must have beauty product is mascara. I go between super expensive Dior mascara (fabulous but at $30 each, hard to buy often) and Covergirl Last Blast (cheap and fabulous). BUT I would love to try mark.


  • Mindy says:

    Well I do have all of these events coming up as a newly engaged girl!!! And I do LOVE my makeup (as yenta Alison is propbably well aware of). Hoping I win some amazing new products I can rave about! <3

  • Anna says:

    Must have is also foundation & concealed. I get some redness and need to even out my skin for an even complexion!

  • Kelly says: