We are so excited to announce a new marriage!

The happy couple made their partnership official last week and are currently honeymooning… on the Internet.

Mazel tov to The Wedding Yentas and JDate ® on their brand new partnership!!

We are kvelling from head to toe to be partnering with JDate‘s ® online, open-access lifestyle magazine, JMag ®. The Wedding Yentas will be contributing articles to the magazine and educating its readers about Jewish wedding traditions, ideas to ponder, and ways to incorporate Jewish culture in a modern wedding for a mainstream couple. This is super exciting because Yenta Alison has a strong connection to JDate ® as she and her husband, Bryan, happen to be a match made by the famous and successful dating site! Alison is always telling her single friends to try JDate ® because “shopping” for a Jewish partner has never been easier!

We love JMag ® and the articles it publishes. Readers can read about such lifestyle topics as dating, keeping kosher, recipes, travel bits, JDate ® success stories, social graces, and interviews from some pretty noteworthy characters from the Jewish and pop culture worlds. And now, The Wedding Yentas will be added to the mix, as we do what we do best: gush about Jewish weddings!

The theoretical glass has been broken and now The Wedding Yentas and JDate’s JMag ® will leave the chuppah and begin a new life together! What a perfect match this is!

  • Sharon says:

    Mazel Tov!! What a great couple you 2 websites make & it’s the perfect transition from dating to marriage–wishing you a great life together!!

  • Amy says:

    Congratulations to you both.

  • Justine says:

    So proud of you both! What a great accomplishment.

  • Sandy says:

    Any little Yentas being planned?