L’Chaim to the Heights

Most people know that there are two things I couldn’t love any more than I already do: Broadway musicals and wedding toasts. Both are performances, craving acceptance and still oozing with pride. A moving instrumental overture that precedes the first bit of action of a Broadway show has the same effect on me as a father of the bride who is so tearfully happy on his daughter’s wedding day as he welcomes the room with champagne in hand. Likewise, comedy bits in funny musicals make me literally LOL the way I’ve caught myself howling with laughter during a best man’s speech, filled with anecdotes he may regret sharing the next day. A wedding and a Broadway musical are not dissimilar: they both cost a lot of money, they both require a team of people to pull it off, and they both include a leading man and leading lady to make the whole thing worth seeing.

So, what happens when a Broadway star includes a Broadway musical into his wedding day as a surprise to his new wife?

Check out my new favorite video that had me laughing and crying, going down as one of the best “speeches” in wedding history. The creative, rapping genius behind Broadway’s smash hit “In the Heights” tipped his hat to “Fiddler on the Roof” and arranged a toast like I’ve never seen that left me with the biggest smile on my face. To you, Lin-Manuel Miranda, I say “L’chaim!” and “Bravo!” and “Mazel tov!”

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  • Sharon says:

    This certainly puts a big smile on my face. This is a wedding memory maker for sure. Even if you didn’t have a Tony Award to back you, it still is a hit.