Here’s A Grape Idea!

It’s a scene out of a movie… or “America’s Funniest Home Videos” depending how sick your sense of humor is.  During the wedding ceremony, a beautiful bride in a sparkling white gown receives her groom’s bar mitzvah Kiddush cup. She looks up at her handsome groom, feels butterflies and blushes over the excitement of the day, and just as she prepares to make contact with the cup, she presses her lips lightly on the surface to make sure that her lipstick stays in tact, and then it happens.

Red wine drips onto her perfectly pressed and clean dress and the crimson liquid continues to streak down every bead and patch of lace like rain drops on a windshield. It’s ruined. The dress is catastrophically ruined and the bride must go on with the evening in a wine tie-dyed shmata on the best day of her life, and no club soda will ever get out this stain.

Do we blame the ever-so-cared-for lipstick? The dashing groom and his distractingly handsome appearance? A faulty Kiddush cup? No. Because if the couple had selected white wine, this would have still happened, but it wouldn’t have mattered.

“But, dear Wedding Yentas, the go-to Manischewitz is red!!”

Not all Manischewitz and kosher wines are red, my young grasshoppersteins. There is white kosher wine and not only is it colorless, it is G.O.O.D.

No really, it’s delicious. You’ll want to stay under that chuppah and get married all evening, it’s that good. Keep it around for Passover and welcome Elijah an extra dozen times. That’s how yummy it is. We were advised to purchase white kosher wine on our wedding day and I’m so glad we did. We didn’t have any spillage issues, but it sure took my mind off any worry that wine would dribble on my dress. Not to mention, it helped make the kisses that much sweeter!