{Real Jewish Weddings} Rehoboth Beach, DE

Alexis and Jason were married in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on a warm October day! Many couples think they can’t have a Jewish wedding on the beach, but that’s not true! Alexis and Jason found a way to enjoy some of the traditions of the ceremony while still tying the knot in a beautiful setting that reflected them.

Rehoboth Beach is known for a being a great beach getaway for vacationers in nearby cities, but it is now becoming a great destination wedding spot. Dogfish Head Brewpub served as a fun and unique reception venue and is now a famous spot in town. This lighthearted and fun wedding was all about celebrating love, and celebrate they did!

Mazel tov, Alexis and Jason!

Delaware Jewish Weddings




















Photographer: Tiffany Caldwell Photography
Reception Venue: Dogfish Head Brewpub

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