Yentas Click with JDate!

A year ago, marriage got a little larger than life. How much larger? Well, about 50-feet-off-the-ground-and-as-wide-as-my-house larger. I’m not blowing this out of proportion, but my husband and I were literally blown up… on a billboard in Times Square.

As most readers know by now, Bryan and I are products of JDate. We should’ve met a dozen times offline: we grew up in the same town, had mutual friends, went to the same Hebrew school… his dad even played guitar at my Bat Mitzvah! A friend tried to set me up with him on a blind date, but I said “nah” and decided to continue to shop for boyfriends online. Turns out, the friend knew what she was talking about because the Internet insisted on bringing us together. The very guy my friend thought would be a good match for me was the very guy I clicked with on JDate and married three years later. Is this a JDate success? You bet.

So during this anniversary week of looooove, I encourage those of you who are planning your weddings before securing your groom (I’ll admit I was one of those! I totally browsed wedding blogs before I even met the hubster!) to check out JDate. You never know who you’re going to meet and even if you’ve done it before, there’s always a new “shipment” of “inventory” coming in so the experience is always fresh. Be active. Spice up your profile. Be honest. Open your mind. Shrug and say “why not?” You never know! And if some of your ideal matches include your best friend from Jewish summer camp or that kid from Sunday school from 15 years ago, you can enjoy a good laugh… or a rekindled spark!

And if you did find success on JDate, I encourage you to send your story over to them. JDate is always looking for new couples to showcase and your tale of love helps so many others. It’s actually cool: you send your photos in, you write up a little narrative, and get a link to share with all your people.

And, sometimes, you might even get a billboard.

Did you find love on JDate? Leave a comment below and share!

  • Talya says:

    I met my fiance on JDate and we’re getting married in October of 2012. I will send a success story in — I thought you had to be married already. Thanks JDate and The Wedding Yentas.