Inspired By: Sweets and Purples

It’s no secret that a spread of sweets at a wedding reception is all the rage. This display is perfect for noshing on while your guests wait for wedding cake slices to come out and, let’s be honest, it looks really pretty.

A full table of cupcakes and macarons and cookies and brownies and cake pops is never a bad thing. Hold on, I must go get a rag to clean up the drool from thinking about such delicacies. No, really, I think I just ingested 42 trillion calories just looking at photos of sweets! A sweets table not only makes for great photos, but is also a great reflection of you two as a couple! Maybe you have a thing for ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies or maybe your first date was at a cupcake shop. Use the sweets that you and your sweet enjoy, and then share them with your wedding guests. They’ll love you for it!

Take it a step further: Include a sweets table that also blends in with your color palette. This is another fabulous way to bring out your colors without having to use streamers and balloon arches. Instead of shoving matchy-matchy colors down your guests’ throats — “WE LOVE PURPLE! IT’S OUR FAVORITE! OH, AND HERE’S BARNEY THE DINOSAUR TO PROVE IT! WHEEEEE!” — sprinkle your hues onto your sweets table. And your guests will thank you for shoving those down their throats! Mm mm mmmm…

Photographer: Erin Johnson Photography
Dessert Bar: Cocoa & Fig
Floral Designer: Sadie’s Couture Floral and Event Styling