Inspiration Board: Yellow, Black & White

If you’re a regular reader of The Wedding Yentas, you probably have come looking for ideas and inspiration. Through articles and professional Real Weddings, you’ve been able to feast your eyes and brain on ways you can make your wedding all about you! But now we’re excited to introduce one more inspiring feature: Inspiration boards! By grouping together a cluster of photos that share a common theme, you will be able to visualize the details of your special day in a more focused and concentrated way. It’s a great method for ruling out ideas and also piquing your interest in themes you may not have considered.

This week, we’re presenting a Yellow, Black, and White theme that’s perfect for any wedding in any season. Some colors or themes are limited to their time of year, but this bumble bee-inspired look can happen during the coldest winter or the hottest summer. It’s romantic, fun, and lively. You can take this color scheme and go with modern touches or do the complete opposite and find vintage-inspired details. This versatile palette can begin with your invitations and end with your go-home favors. No matter what, commit and do it justice! As we like to say, go big or go home! You and your guests will appreciate this bright scheme that adds a playful and flirtatious vibe thanks to the yellows. The blacks help to create a formal aspect to everything, separating a wedding from a common party or Sweet 16. And white, well, what’s a wedding without some white? It adds neutrality to the entire look and provides a complementary color that can be used in floral details.

Have fun with the Inspiration Boards and if you see something you like, sell it, baby!


Clutches by: A03 Designs
Invitations by: Shine Invitations
Tablescape image courtesy of: Prima Donna Bride
Bride and bridesmaid image courtesy of: Clark + Walker Studio
Cake image courtesy of: Wedding Cakes Pictures
Shoe image courtesy of:

  • Justine David says:

    Love your creativity and ideas!