Still Shopping for a Husband?

Ladies, if we may be so bold, some of you are still shopping for husbands, no? Don’t be ashamed. Many women start planning their weddings before they’ve even found Mr./Dr./Rabbi Right. Without giving anything away, a few years ago, one of the Yentas was browsing through wedding gowns in one window while clicking through boyfriends in another. So if you’re here without a ring on your finger yet, that’s okay! No judging here. There’s nothing wrong with getting a head start and looking at pretty pictures of weddings. But if you do need a little FYI on finding the right guy, you know we’re big fans of JDate® and plenty of our friends have also found true love on The Big J.

As most JDaters will tell you, having the right profile can seal the deal for the right guy. And sure, you may collect some wacky stories here and there, but you’re boosting your chances to make your chuppah dreams a reality if you include an assortment of pictures, sprinkle in some humor, and go heavy on the honesty in your profile.

Here’s a humorous inside look at Episode 1 of a web series on J-TV called “Power of the Punim.” These are just a couple of questions plaguing comedian Eric Schwartz in his quest to become the most “Eli-Jew-ble Bachelor” on JDate®. In JDate’s brand new 3-part webisode series, JDate Walking, Eric takes to the streets, asking people their advice while giving his signature, hilarious commentary.

So after you enjoy this chuckle-worthy video, get to your JDate® profile, get engaged, and get busy planning your wedding with The Wedding Yentas!

Don’t forget, JDate® is always looking for its alumni to feature in their Success Stories! If you are engaged or married to a fellow JDater, make sure to submit yourself so you can be pampered by JDate®!