Honeymoon Photo Shoot on Maui

After a weekend’s worth of posing and smiling and knee popping and arm-on-the-hipping, and sucking in, your body is exhausted from wedding photos. Let’s face it, mugging for your photographer is hard work! Thank goodness you have a honeymoon soon after during which you can relax and forget about all wedding-related items on your must-do list. And while I totally suggest vegging out and letting your brain turn to newlywed mush, here’s something I recommend you do; something I wish I did: A HONEYMOON SHOOT!

BellaEva Photography, based on Maui, submitted this fun and whimsical honeymoon shoot of Caroline and Remi who hammed it up for the camera during their honeymoon. I love the concept of capturing your brand new life together on your first new adventure together. No matter where you go or when, consider a honeymoon photo shoot! All of your professional wedding photos should be stunning because you chose a photographer who knew how to capture you and your personalities through your heavily planned details. However, all of your professional photos will feature you in your wedding costumes and wedding environment. A honeymoon shoot will capture a more relaxed version of yourselves: happy to be on vacation, but looking a little more real-life than the dolled up couple you were on the big day. Especially if you are traveling to a location with beautiful photo opps, you should definitely track down a photographer who can photograph you in your element: in love and celebrating!

Aundrea of BellaEva Photography says:
Who ever said mom knows best was absolutely right in the case of Remi and Caroline, matched up by none other than their two moms! The two love birds came all the way to Maui for their honeymoon shoot and could not have been more ecstatic to be reveling in the Hawaiian sun and beach breeze! Always playful, always smiling, these two spent almost the whole day in front of the lens as if nothing in the world existed besides the two of them and I could not have been happier to have been there to capture it all!

Maui Honeymoon Photoshoot


















Submitted via Two Bright Lights.