Friday Favorites | Flex Your Foot Stamina

It’s Friday and you know what that means! We are gushing about and giving away something we love and today’s Friday Favorites is devoted to our feet.

So here’s the plan. We want you and your bridesmaids to dance your tootsies off at your wedding and excuses like “my feet hurt,” or “my shoes are killing me” are now deemed unacceptable thanks to our favorite bridal must-have: the FLEXFLOP!

FLEXFLOP shoes are like emergency flip flops that are fashionable and portable. The idea came about when FLEXFLOP owner Stacey Kirsch witnessed her girlfriends ditch their painfully gorgeous high heels after a night out dancing and began to walk around barefoot. Um, ew! The best day of your life with your new husband is usually just as festive as a night out with the girls and you’ll spend hours traipsing around in your wedding dress and shoes, posing for pictures, making the rounds, and receiving wet kisses from Aunt Estelle. So, instead of doing the hora barefoot, give your feet the gift of FLEXFLOPS. Keep them in their cute little pouch under your table and just in case you need to save your dancing digits. Enjoying your wedding day shouldn’t be such a feat for your feet.

These make great gifts for your bridesmaids, shower hostesses, or additions to wedding day emergency kits!

Visit FLEXFLOP to see all varieties and how to purchase!

Or you can win a pair!! Leave us a comment and tell us about a time you wish you had a pair of back up shoes to save you from your stilettos. Comments through Sunday night at 11:59 will be eligible to win and the winner will be announced on Monday!! Good luck!

  • Michelle Arons says:

    Oy Vey there have been plenty of times my tootsies have cried out in pain. I don’t wear high heels alot, so when I do, my feet do not enjoy it. Last summer I was a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding. We had to all buy heels and have them dyed to match the color of the dress. I had a hard time finding comfortable heels that could be dyed. I finally found a pair of heels at David’s Bridal that could be dyed. Those were the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. From the moment I put them on to the moment I took them off, my feet were throbbing. I remember during the ceremony shifting my weight to one foot and then the other because I could only stand the pain, one foot at a time. I remember taking off my shoes for the reception because I didn’t want to deal with the pain. It would have been very nice to have flexflops then.

  • Larry Shilkoff says:

    Let me tell you about the time I had to ditch my stilletos. I was in Hollywood, and my feet were killing me. You just have to know, Hollywood Blvd. is a bitch with those heels. But I had to make it to the wedding, so while I was in the cab I lent them to the fine young gentleman driving. Wouldn’t you know it, after I got home and got all gussied up for the affair, there he was at the altar…wearing my stilletos! Well, that turned out to be a wedding no one ever forgot.

  • Shoshana Fischer says:

    It was my wedding day and for all of my planning I did something REALLY stupid — I didn’t break in my shoes. I figured they were Easy Spirit so no problem. BIG mistake. I changed into my gym shoes but didn’t account for the height different, so for 30 minutes I had to hold up my dress. Then I had to change BACK into the heels. Yuck!

  • Lisa says:

    i had been working all day setting up for a fundraising event in a pair of narrow toed heels. i felt the blisters forming and the toes tingling as the day wore on. by the time the party started, my feet were killing me. i gave in and kicked off my restricting high-heels to be able to enjoy the evening. but it was gross to walk around barefoot on banquet room carpeting. i couldn’t even use the ladies room in my naked feet. never again!

  • katie says:

    Heels. Vegas. Dancing. 4 a.m. ‘Nuff said.

  • Meghan Aileen says:

    I was barefoot just after the first dance! My hubby was barefoot during the ceremony!!

  • Kelly says:

    This is a fabulous idea! I wish I’d had some at my wedding. I bought the cutest looking shoes that went with my wedding dress…not too high of a heel, cute little scallop cut for the freshly painted toes, and ribbons that tied them on! They were very cute…but utterly painful to wear! After the ceremony, and entrance…I ended up barefoot under my gorgeous dress. I don’t even remember what my feet looked like at the end of the day…but I know it wasn’t pretty!

  • Sheila says:

    Love it!!!

  • Hannah says:

    Summer of 2005…studying abroad in Rome, Italy. Imagine heels trying to walk on cobblestone streets and uneven pavement…yeah, not happening. Ditching the heels to save my toes was a nightly thing and walking barefoot equaled hours of scrubbing the dirty Rome streets (and who knows what else) off my feet!

  • adriana says:

    What an awesome product! I always end up barefoot to dance at weddings!

  • Laura says:

    I went clubbing around Venice Beach in very sexy heels but after club hopping my feet were throbbing. I walked around Venice barefoot! Gross. These would have been so super handy at the time.

  • Frank says:

    My fiance always takes her heels off and walks around barefoot. I would love to win these for her.

  • Alexandra Rembac | Sterling Engagements says:

    Today! Breaking down the amazing peacock wedding we designed yesterday. I misplaced my flip-flops and wore platform sandals to get the job done. As a wedding planner my team and I are on our feet for a minimum of 12 hours on wedding day, sometimes prior to the day for install and always after for strike. Cute flip-flops would be great!

  • Bonnie Sludikoff says:

    Those are so cool! I’m gonna check their site right now.