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We’re at the end of the week and we’re also nearing the end of the month. As most women are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s very likely that most of us have been affected by breast cancer in our lives. Whether it’s our mothers, grandmothers, friends, or ourselves, we remember those who lost the battle and we honor others who’ve beat the odds to survival. All women are heroes in their own ways, but the ones who have been brushed with breast cancer deserve an extra medal of honor. Make sure to read the bottom of the page for information about sponsoring The Wedding Yentas in a Comment for the Cause campaign!

So, let’s take something dismal and associate it with joy: Here at The Wedding Yentas, we want to share with you products and services that are inspired by research to prevent and cure breast cancer and how you can incorporate them in your special, joyous day!

Bling Out Your Awareness:
Add a splash of pastel colors to your wedding day wardrobe with a piece of beautiful jewelry. We absolutely love the stretch set of ten bracelets by Jennifer Miller. This feminine and sassy accessory has been seen on some of the most supportive women on television, including The View and The Today Show. A charm ribbon delicately dangles from the chunks of beads as support and awareness for the cause, while still letting you shine and sparkle on your wedding day. So it’s pretty and girly and totally bride-appropriate, but what do we love most about it? 20% of the proceeds from this bracelet set will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Nail That Awareness!:
OPI is our favorite nail polish company due to their long lasting shine and colors across the spectrum. But for the fourth year in a row, OPI has another reason to be our favorite polish brand: they’re all about supporting breast cancer research and awareness! The new color is OPI’s Pink of Hearts Nail Lacquer, an exclusive hue with an ongoing mission to advocate for women’s health. OPI will donate $25,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure which is the best reason to paint on this light, shimmery shade that every woman would be proud to wear because it represents the power of caring, the power of women supporting each other, and the power of pink! You’ll feel great knowing your nails will sparkle and shine in your wedding photos while making their mark to fight breast cancer at the same time.


Bridesmaids for the Cure:
You love your favorite ladies so much, you want them by your side on your wedding day. But, show your love for them by gifting them with these pieces of jewelry that are pretty in pink and support the cause to find a cure! The Hope Breast Cancer Awareness necklace is dainty and girly, showcasing a gold-dipped bird as a symbol hope and progress. Dogeared Jewels & Gifts always has the most adorable charm jewelry, but we like this one the best because of what it stands for. Most importantly, Dogeared commits to donating profits of this necklace to the Los Angeles Breast Center Alliance. There’s no doubt you’ll be shining on your special day as a bride, but let your bridesmaids sparkle as well! We’re always a fan of Kendra Scott Jewelry, but the Danielle Earrings in Pink Rose Quartz offers a soft, feminine style while paying tribute to vintage adornments with its roped gold trim. They’ll really stand out in pictures and helps tie in your wedding day look. Oh, and the fact that Kendra Scott will donate $5 to breast cancer awareness isn’t too shabby either!


Slip On Your Awareness:
As you prep and primp on the morning of your big day, you won’t want to walk around the hotel room carpet with bare feet (c’mon, you know you’ve seen those Dateline specials about hotel rooms! Gah!) so slip on something that’s cute and helps fund breast cancer research. These adorable slippers come in either black or white and you can personalize them for your tootsies with your initial. A little pink ribbon adorns the initial and the slipper is adjustable so it fits any size. Wear these proudly and toss a set to each of your bridesmaids, too! Posing in your matching slippers will make adorable photos!


Shlepping For A Cure:
Who knew a little shlepping could help raise awareness and donations for breast cancer prevention and research? On the big day, you’re going to be shlepping all your materials and accessories so you may as well do it with style and with your new mantra: “Keep calm and carry on” which is so appropriate for the wedding day! The famous and historical phrase from our chums across the pond inspires the chic and simple cotton canvas tote bag that’s also environmentally safe. Purchase in pink and — surprise! — 20% of the proceeds from the bag from Decorative Things will go to The Anne Moore Breast Cancer Fund at New York Weill Cornell Medical College. The bag makes a great gift to house bridesmaids’ belongings or tokens of appreciation, and can even help you shlep souvenirs home from your honeymoon!

Frame Your Awareness:
Let’s face it: After your wedding is over, your mothers are going to be the first in line for photo memories from your special day. They’ll want to display their new married children in a special part of the house or carry around albums and frames to share with their friends at mahjong and bunco. So, present your mothers with a delicately beautiful picture frame made by the timeless Lenox. The floral motif borders the frame and the signature pink mat suggests breast cancer awareness. Best part? 10% of proceeds go right into


Soak Up The Awareness:
Craving some Israeli TLC without the expensive plane ticket? Enjoy the health benefits of 100% natural Dead Sea salts from the comforts of your home with Ahava’s Hope Blossoms Mineral Bath Salts. We also like the idea of soaking in the salts because AHAVA will make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in support of their mission to help fund research and promote education and early detection. Way to go Ahava! Oh and “ahava” means “love” in Hebrew, so we ahava the fact that Ahava is paying tribute to Israel through the Dead Sea compounds and breast cancer awareness this season. Word on the street is that actress Natalie Portman, who’s a member of the tribe, loves Ahava products, so there’s another reason to douse yourself in a little piece of Israel.


Fight Breast Cancer With Your Wedding Dress:
Another way you can do some BC philanthropy is to donate your wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. If you’re not sure what you’re going to do with your dress after your big day, don’t let it take up room in your closet. Give another lucky bride a chance to wear your dress and you can feel good knowing your donation goes toward helping others who are suffering from breast cancer. If you want to donate your gown, you ship it to a center and then they tour the gowns in different cities where people buy them. Meanwhile, proceeds go to helping those afflicted with breast cancer still see dreams come true thanks to your dream-come-true dress.


The Favor of Awareness:
Donate to a breast cancer charity of your choice and let your guests know that you’ve contributed in their name. If you’re not into buying tchotchke favors for your friends and family to take with them from your wedding and shove it in the junk drawer of the kitchen when they get home, then you can feel good about donating some moolah on their behalf. Choose your breast cancer charity and the organization willl help you from there. Specifically, the Yentas like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Save the Ta Tas Foundation, and Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade.

Ladies, please remember to take care of yourself. If breast cancer runs in your family or you’re in your 40s, it’s time to start getting annual mammograms and rule out any cause for concern! Prevention is so simple and could save your life. A few seconds of pancake-flattening discomfort is worth the peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for your body!

The Wedding Yentas wants to help, too! Leave a comment below to honor your breast cancer hero by sharing their first name or their relationship to you so you can pay tribute to them. For every comment received today, Friday, through Sunday at 11:59 p.m., The Wedding Yentas will donate $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We hope to be donating many, many dollars, so make us put our money where our rack, er, mouth is, as we make the breast of our efforts!

  • Chelo says:

    My breast cancer hero is Joyce! So glad to help the cause.

  • Yenta Alison says:

    I am so proud and honored to be donating to the cure! I’m also proud to honor both my mom and grandma who are strong survivors of breast cancer!! Yay! My heart is with the families who have lost a relative or friend, but I know we are helping their legacies continue through charity organizations like Susan G Komen for the Cure.

  • Rachel says:

    My breast cancer hero is my husband’s Aunt Lanie.

  • Yenta Nicky says:

    Though I haven’t been personally affected by breast cancer I have lost my father, aunt and grandfather to other types of cancer. They are my heros and I am so happy to donate to this cause for them and anyone who has been affected by any type of cancer!

  • Araxi says:

    Every cancer patient,those who have beaten this terrible disease, those who are still on their journey and those who are no longer with us are heroes.

    What a great way to give back Yentas!!! :)

  • Sandra Aaron says:

    Great idea. So glad you’re donating for each comment and you’ve highlighted some great products. Way to go girls.

    Sandra Aaron
    Mindless Sophistication Events

  • Chris says:

    Thank you Wedding Yentas. I have two wonderful friends – Gitta and Toni – who are both survivors and women of great courage and strength.

  • Kari Taketa says:

    You gals are awesome! Cancer is a devastating disease not only for the person that has the cancer but for all their friends and family. Thank you for doing what you do!!

  • Lauren says:

    I love your idea for this week, especially the wedding dress program… if only I had one to donate 😉
    Whether we have been personally affected or not (yet), statistics say that we or someone close to us will in our lifetimes. Kudos to you guys.

  • Mindy says:

    I am wearing the OPI polish right now! I love the color. I do everything I can to help support the fight against breast cancer everyday!

  • Kelly says:

    My grandma is a breast cancer survivor. Way to contribute to the cause, Yentas! :)

  • Patty says:

    For Jane, Mary and every other woman who has been affected by breast cancer. My God bless you with strength for each day.

  • Jessica says:

    You ladies are so fabulous to do this! My MIL had breast cancer years ago, and my sister-in-law had thyroid cancer recently. Both amazing women, but are strong survivors!

  • Ellen says:

    For my sister, Wendy, who battled breast cancer, (and who is enjoying a two-week cruise as I write this), and for all the brave women who have fought so hard.

  • Tonya Osterman says:

    I am really impressed by your support to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I recently lost a dear friend to breast cancer. She was a beautiful woman and will be dearly missed. Thank you. May your support help to ensure this world doesn’t lose more beautiful people.

  • Seema Dorfman says:

    I have lost a couple of relatives to Breast Cancer and have been happy to rejoice with several friends who have fought the good fight and won! Hoping that thru research, someone finds the magic bullet that will either cure BC or find some way of preventing it!!!!!

  • nicole says:

    Keep it up yenta ladies, we LOVE you and all your words of wisdom!

  • Lauren says:

    My breast cancer hero is my grandma. She has been cancer free for over 10 years!

  • Lindsey says:

    We’ve been affected by breast cancer several times in our family, and I appreciate what you are doing to raise awareness and money for the cause.

  • Jenny says:

    Love what you are doing! Keep up the great work!! I’m going to get one of those adorable bags now!

  • Patricia Zarate says:

    beautiful website keep up the good work

  • Romy says:

    My friend Sasha was diagnosed in her late 20’s. After a chemo, radiation, a double mastectomy and reconstruction, she is on her way back. Keep fighting!

  • Stephanie says:

    Thank you for doing this Yentas. My mother was a breast cancer survior!

  • Sharon says:

    I am so grateful to be a 7+ year breast cancer SURVIVOR! Although going through treatment was tough, I am here today because of the treatment options that were available to me and continue to become more advanced & tolerable leading to successful outcomes. Of course my wonderful family which includes my amazing daughter, The Wedding Yenta Alison, bouyed my strength & determination to beat it with all their support. Thank You Alison & Nicky, The Wedding Yentas, for helping to raise breast cancer awareness & supporting SGK. Love you Alison, Mom

  • Bonnie says:

    In honor of my friend Ginger’s mother, Nancy…I think this is a great thing that you are doing!

  • Lindsey says:

    Love this idea Wedding Yentas! In honor of my Nana who is currently battling this horrible thing called cancer (not breast cancer but ovarian cancer). Keep fighting Nana!

  • Noella Poke says:

    When i visit a blog, chances are that I notice that most blogs are amateurish.On the other hand,I have to say that you have done a good job here.