Friday Favorites | Fall For The Crock

It’s Friday: Yay! It’s Fall: Yay! Fall weather is starting to sweep the country and women everywhere are starting to keep their scarves and Uggs on bottom shelves. But on Friday, we gab about something we love, which you should also keep on the bottom shelf this season.

Not all fall season items worth getting excited about are clothes. So, while this isn’t something you wear, it is something you should register for. Brides, pick up the scanner gun at your favorite kitchen-ware store and cross your fingers that you unwrap one of these beauties for a wedding present.

Every Fall, we fall in love…with our Crock-Pots! While this more-than-helpful kitchen accessory is multi-seasonal, the idea of home-cooked soup, fall-apart brisket, and apple cider with mulling spices is so pleasing to the nose and heart. It makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Take it from The Yentas, this consumer report could not be more favorable! There’s nothing we love more than tossing ingredients into the pot, plugging in, and flipping the switch. Hours later, you have a delicious meal with deliciously little work behind it. Also, we love the Crock-Pot because you can cook additional side dishes on the stove top or in the oven without losing space, as the Crock-Pot only requires a square foot of your counter top. The Crock-Pot brand of slow cookers have been around forever. Our moms and grandmas have proudly owned these, so we know we can trust the reputation that precedes them.


So now that you know The Yentas endorse the Crock-Pot as a Friday Favorites worthy gush-fest, you should definitely make sure you’ve added it to your registry. Check out the Crock-Pot retailers so you can work with the store of your choice. Or, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, eating your meals out, or your cupboards are too full at the moment, you can make sure the Crock-Pot is listed in your account with Deposit a Gift, a cash gift registry, so that you can claim your Crock-Pot prize when you are ready! After all, Deposit a Gift puts fun and flexibility into your registry experience.

‘Tis the season for pumpkiny goodness! We want to share with you one of our favorite Fall recipes that you can make in the Crock-Pot. As if bread pudding wasn’t sweet enough, we then discover pumpkin bread pudding…and it’s taste bud heaven. So today, we urge you to hook up with a Crock-Pot and experience dessert utopia with the following recipe from our friends at Megan’s Cooking.

Crockpot Pumpkin Bread Pudding
2 eggs
2/3 brown sugar
2 cups milk
1/2 heavy cream
1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
16 ounce can pumpkin
8 slices Nature’s Pride white bread, cut into quarters

Mix eggs and sugar together. Mix in milk and cream. Add pumpkin and spice.

Layer 8 pieces of bread in bottom of Crock-Pot. Layer 1/3 of pumpkin mixture on top of bread. Make to more layers using all the bread and all the pumpkin mixture. If all the bread is not covered, give it a little stir, coating all the bread.

Cook on high, covered for 3 1/2 hours or till pumpkin mixture is set. Let cool. Serve warm or cold.


Enjoy the tastes of the season and should you become addicted to recipes in your Crock-Pot, rest easy knowing you have a support group in The Wedding Yentas!

  • Cantor Debbi Ballard says:

    OMG! That looks so good, I wish I had the ingredients, I’d make it right now!