Friday Favorites | Bubbe’s Brisket

It’s Friday, so today we are sharing a favorite recipe: brisket!!

We’re not going to pretend that we are all-knowing when it comes to cooking. In fact, our favorite tool in the kitchen is the take-out menu. However, when we do want to dabble in the kitchen and use anything other than a microwave, we can find easy recipes on cooking websites. But what if you want entertainment and a good recipe? That’s where “Bubbe” comes in from our new favorite online series, “Feed Me Bubbe.”

This bubbe is adorable and her grandson is her sidekick in the kitchen which is totally cute. We’re plotzing over how special that is! Not only does Bubbe show off recipes, she answers questions to emails and introduces the Yiddish word of the day. Perfect.

So, learn a thing or two from our new favorite cooking show!

  • Laura says:

    Hello. My name is Laura and I really like your blog. So glad I found it!

  • Rudy says:

    I love Brisket. Will totally try this recipe.

  • Joe says:

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    – Joe