Gorgeous Giveaway: Heartfelt Hamsas

Keep on reading to find out how YOU can be a winner of the grand prize: A shopping spree with one talented etsy artist! Also, all entries receive a free shipping on any order. So, everyone wins!

Yesterday, you got the scoop about Hamsas and the beautiful creations by Lea Joelle Handmade and today is the start of a giveaway that goes through the weekend!

Lea Joelle Handmade Hamsas make great wedding favors, as previously discussed, and can be featured in other ways at your wedding, too! Little Hamsa tags are so super cute on wish trees! Wish trees are like 3D guestbooks. Your friends and family members can write messages on the Hamsas that are customized for your wedding and hang them up on a tree with hooks. This is a great souvenir for you as the bride and groom, and also looks beautiful as part of your wedding decor.

Or, bring the Hamsa directly into your home. After all, the hand symbolizes love and protection, and who wouldn’t want a loving and protected home and marriage? You can commission Lea Joelle Handmade to create something special for you!

Can’t stop gushing about Lea Joelle Handmade and the delicate work Jenni does on all her Hamsas!

Now it’s your turn to gush when you win a gift certificate to shop til your heart’s content!

Just visit Lea Joelle Handmade, browse through the samples of Hamsas she showcases to get an idea of her work, and leave a comment here about what you’d want on your dream Hamsa! Get creative. There are no wrong answers. Enter by Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. and the winner will be announced on Monday on Facebook. You do not need to be Jewish or a bride in order to win! GOOD LUCK!

  • Erica says:

    Great hamsas! I would like sunflowers on my hamsa – they’re bright and cheery!

  • Sharon says:

    I love how you can personalize them. They are so versatile to use for wedding favors or gifts.

  • Jen says:

    On my hamsah i would have a peacock theme because those are my colors — purple, green blue, and silver.

  • Lisa says:

    You already created my dream hamsa…OWLS!!! Love them! Second choice would be dogs! THX!!

  • Trish says:

    Can you make hamsas with butterflies? They are my good luck charm. My daughter loves them and so did my mother.

  • Lea Joelle Handmade says:

    These are great ideas and all are doable! My mother special requested a butterfly hamsa at my wedding :) Looking forward to hearing more ideas!

  • Angie D says:

    My dream Hamsa would be like the blue bird amongst the trees one. Gorgeous!

  • D Rienstra says:

    love the Hamsa look, been thinking this would be a great gift for upcoming wedding for a friend.


  • Erin says:

    I would probably say owls since they are my favorite! :)

  • alissa says:

    I would put birds

  • Danielle says:

    How about hearts! Love and good luck?! Seems like a good combo.

  • Allie says:

    decor for a baby’s room too. little animals or colorful flowers or boy stuff.

  • Vanessa says:

    Make the hamsah like a picture frame with a wedge to put a photo inside. that’s probably a lot of work though, huh? LOL

  • Megan says:

    I love these! My ideal Hamsa would be a soft green color with navy writing. It would have two icons/pictures on it that we are using in our wedding. One is the hebrew word ahava written in a square and the other is love written in a square similar to the sculpture in Philadelphia. Our chuppah has ahava written this way on it and our programs have both icons/pictures and since we are having an interfaith wedding I just love the symbolism.

  • Gabrielle says:

    I would love to see a modern-like designed tree with the roots intertwining on the bottom. It would be beautiful if somewhere on the Hamsa it read: “My beloved is mine and I am my beloved’s” in Hebrew and English (it was on my wedding invitation!).

  • Jerise says:

    My dream hamsa! it would be in shades of green and have an intricate tree and leaves all over it, and hidden somewhere within them “ahava” in the lettering on the last picture above (the one with the couple’s photo).

    LOVE Lea Joelle’s hamsas, and have a small one on my door already! she rocks!