Mazel Tov With A Bang!

Last week, the all new and refreshed Wedding Yentas launched and in order to celebrate the Yentas reboot, a hearty mazel tov is in order. But with old traditions come new ones and that’s why it’s so exciting to feature Mazel Tov Stone, the gotta-have-it of under-the-chuppah Judaica.

A California couple accidentally discovered The Mazel Tov Stone while attending a family member’s wedding rehearsal. The bride began to panic that the glass wouldn’t break under her groom’s foot, so her quick-thinking relative who also happens to be a stone sculptor, ran to his car and delivered her a slab of limestone to guarantee a sturdy surface on which glass would cleanly and beautifully break. And just like that, Robb and Lisa had woven a new concept on an old tradition. Beach wedding on the sand? Garden wedding on the grass? A wimpy groom with a soft shoe (don’t worry, we won’t tell)? No problem! The Mazel Tov Stone will make sure the glass breaks!

The Mazel Tov Stone is also a great commemorative piece from your wedding, just like your photos, your ketubah, and the shards of glass you might keep for decorative purposes. Since the stone is cut in a beautiful shape of your choice and can be completely customized with your names, date, flourishes, border, and font, it’s a reflection of you as a couple from your wedding day.

I love the fact that you can literally get married in any location in any state, and know that your wedding still has a place in Israel. Hmmm?? How can you be in both places at once? The customized stone is Jerusalem limestone, hailing all the way from the motherland. It’s derived from the same quarries that produced the stone used to build the ancient temples in Jerusalem. Talk about a permanent piece of rock! Having this stone beneath your feet is sure to provide you the same strength and stability that Israel’s rich history has endured. Warm fuzzies, right?

Mazel Tov Stone is part of The Wedding Yentas family, and it’s such an honor to have them as an elite vendor here on the site. You can check them out in the Vendor Directory either under Judaica Stores or Chuppot.

So, say “mazel tov!” for all of us Yentas on our new home, and say “mazel tov!” to yourself for a beautiful marriage that will start with a big bang!

  • Sharon says:

    i always wondered how a bridal couple break glass at their beach or soft turf ceremony…..what a genius idea! functional, commemorative and traditional all at your feet.

  • Beverly says:

    What a great idea. This Mazel Tov stone is a wonderful memory of a happy occasion.