Matchmaker Matchmaker for Wedding Colors

Happy Thursday from Alison, your friendly neighborhood Yenta. I just stumbled across something and had an excited-attack, similar to the one I have every year when I have my first bite of charoset at Passover or the first taste of a crispy latke at Chanukah (yes, food makes me excited). But the other thing that makes me excited? COLORS.

I love colors.

My wedding was pink and orange and people thought I was nuts. Pink? With orange? Yes. It works. Trust me!

So, as I was scouring the Internet doing some personal research on nursery colors to complement my soon-to-be baby’s room, I flipped out when I discovered this website and felt like Christopher Columbus discovering America. I wonder if he let out the same girl squeal when he landed ashore? Hmmm…

Anyway, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to The Perfect Palette. If you need to find color combos for your wedding or get some ideas to fit into your color scheme, this is a fabulous resource. You’ll still find all your J-wedding details here, but if you need some inspiration, or to win an argument with your fiance that yes, lime does work with peach, this is your one-stop shop! Or, blog.

Here are some of my favorites that make me all ooey-gooey with color love.

Fluorescent Purple, Lavender, Mauve and White

Dusty Rose, Blush Pink, Peach, Antique Gold, Ivory & White

Aqua, Orange & White

Yellow, Slate Gray & Gray

Sky Blue, Light Yellow & White

Go on and play with all the great combos to get ideas! Happy coloring!