Love It A Latke!

It’s Chanukah! This means presents, fun with family, and lighting pretty candles for eight nights.

This also means food. Food, glorious food. Chanukah is my favorite holiday for food simply because of the latkes. I get sick of matzo after so many days and I’ve never had an appetite for gefilte fish. I can do without coconut macaroons and jelly donuts just aren’t my thing. But latkes. Oh latkes, and your oily, starchy goodness. Come to me and cuddle up on my plate.

If there’s one thing I thank Judah Maccabee for, it’s for my latkes. I also thank him for giving me a reason to have an electric skillet. Brides, grooms, people in the market for new kitchenware: Register for an electric skillet! You will use this every year at Chanukah to make latkes and you can get them at almost any store with which you register.

Macy’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, and Bloomingdale’s all have great options for electric skillets that will keep you sane in the kitchen during Chanukah.

Latke photo (left) courtesy of: The Smitten Kitchen

So get your guns, bring your partner-in-registering-crime, and shoot this baby with the scanner so you can make sure you receive this appliance that’s almost as miraculous as the holiday on which you’ll use it!

While you’re registering with Chanukah on the brain, make sure to scan a food processor for shredding your potatoes, some mixing bowls for your potato and onion mixture, and durable spatulas to flip your pancakes.

When I dashed through the store with my handy-dandy registry lethal weapon, I had the holidays in mind. I knew that one day, I’d be a Jewish domestic diva (okay, still waiting for the diva part to happen), so I went through the calendar and thought about what I’d need to accommodate each big day of the Jewish year. Let’s face it: our people eat. As the saying goes, they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat. So a lot of my registry had our holidays in mind. Shout out to my mother-in-law who knew we’d need an electric skillet to emulate her fabulous potato latkes.

And in case you need a refresher course on how to make latkes, or, if you just want to see an A.DOR.A.BLE bubbe teach you how to make them, tune in below for a little latke love!

I think my favorite part is the end: “I’m packing this up for you.” Love it.

  • Jacob says:

    I think my Bubbe actually does have that apron!! Love seeing grandmas on youtube :)

  • shelley says:

    I enjoyed your last article about the electric frying pan. I have been married 38 years (yes, it’s true) and remember this appliance as being my all time favorite. When I first got married I had a tiny kitchen and used my electric frying pan all the time. It was perfect for french toast, chicken cutlets, latkes, and even stir fry. I would strongly suggest all new brides include it in the registry. I love your site and maybe next year my daughter and her fiance will be highlighted as one of your stories.

    Shelley Tunis, Occasionally Yours
    Miami, Florida

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