Just Call Our Names & We’ll Be There

The #1 Jewish wedding planning blog has a new number and it’s all for you!

We are now making our toll-free hotline available to everyone so that we may assist our vendors and brides as easily as possible!

Hey brides: If you need a cantor at the last minute, you can call us! If your groom is looking to buy a new tallit, he can call us! We know people. We are Yentas after all, and we can call a friend or a reliable vendor that’s listed in our directory to make sure that all your needs are taken care of. We don’t want you to ever be left hanging because frankly, accidents happen. Let us clean up and make sure everything is as perfect as a slow-cooked brisket.

Hey vendors: You need to know information about the Yentas? Are you looking for promotion or a good ol’ fashioned thumbs up from the know-it-alls in the inner circle of Jewish weddings? We’re your go-to gals. Perhaps you want to offer your goods to our deserving readers. Just give us a call.

Sure, we’re still email-a-holics. We haven’t left the ’10s (just doesn’t have the same roll-off-the-tongue feel as “the ’90s” does it?). You can always reach us on that new-fangled Al Gore-invented Internet. However, if you want that more personal vocal interaction or you want to hear just how good we pronounce our Yiddish “ch” sounds, the phone is the way to go.

With our new number, 877-WYENTAS, it’s like we’re the matchmaker for engaged couples and wedding vendors all over the U.S.! We’re just doing our part to make the process a little easier for everyone involved.

So, dearest Brides and Vendors, here’s another fine reason to join The Wedding Yentas family. With our new hotline, this game of Telephone just got hotter!

Plus, we didn’t pay good money for nothing. Call us. Then call your mother.

877-WYENTAS, (877) 993-6827

Oh! And in other exciting news, you can find our latest installment in JMag®, the online lifestyle magazine brought to you by JDate®! Just click here to visit! If you met your partner on JDate®, why not submit your story and let them know that they made a good match!

And then you can call us at 877-WYENTAS to let us know that you did.

  • Lisha says:

    This is exactly what i’m looking for! I’ll bookmark it. Thanks again!

  • Zadie says:

    I love that you have a phone number for vendors/brides to call! It’s such a cute number too.