Free Wedding Dress aka No, This Is Not A Joke

What if you’re been there, done that, your wedding is over, and you have a wedding dress you’d like to sell? Sell it on! What if you’re getting married and you’re itching for a designer dress or a specific gown that you can’t afford on the retail circuit and you’re wondering if you can possibly find it with a lower dollar amount attached? Shop on! Okay, here’s another one for you: What if you’re broke and you find yourself looking at the clock when it says 11:11 and no black cats have crossed your path and the cop totally let you go with a wink and a warning when you were driving 60 in a 45? Well, you are a lucky gal and you should definitely be entering for a chance to win a beautiful wedding gown on, you guessed it,

Okay, so a little background first: can help any bride find the wedding dress of her dreams – and stay within her budget.

With thousands of new, sample and used wedding dresses by more than 300 different designers, your dream dress is just waiting to be found! Find every silhouette, neckline and style with prices from $100 – $10,000. There is truly a dress for every bride!

Know exactly what you want? Search by Designer, Search by Size and the Advanced Search are great options. For brides looking for inspiration, take a look at our Dresses We Love, Best Dresses for Your Shape and Best Deals pages.

So here’s the lucky part: is celebrating the New Year by giving away a $2,000 wedding dress! With over 7,000 gowns to choose from, the hardest part about winning might be choosing which wedding gown you’ll want to wear. Just imagine having 2,000 extra dollars in your wedding budget, and wearing your dream dress. If you win this giveaway, you will!

That’s huge money. That could be your flower budget! Or upgraded bells and whistles to your videography purchase! Or, quite a few mai-tais on your Hawaiian honeymoon! I mean, two thousand smackers. That would be s’cool. So you’ve got to enter because, really, how proud would I be if one of our very own Yentas won this phenom prize? I’d kvell like your bubbie did when you chanted the Torah in your half-girly-half-grown-up pubecescent voice at your bat mitzvah.

The contest runs from January 1 through January 31. You still have time. Gooooo! Enter here!

  • Josie / says:

    Thanks so much for helping us spread the word. We are VERY excited about this giveaway!