Giveaway: Currently Loving Clay Bouquet for Sparkles On Your Wedding Day

Enter to WIN over the next two weeks! But first…

So here’s the thing. There are a zillion ways to accessorize for your wedding day. The options can be overwhelming and the prices are all over the place and you drive yourself crazy wondering if they’re high just because they’re “bridal” or because they’re made out of offspring from the Smithsonian’s Hope diamond. So here’s what I’m going to do to make your life easier so you can get back to Pinning. Go to Clay Bouquet — which makes more than just adorned bouquets — and get busy browsing and buying.

Jennifer is the talented arteest (artist, but with a snobby French accent because she’s just that good) behind the creations that will have brides sparkling down the aisle.

If you made me choose just one favorite item in her shop, it would be a very tough decision. It would be like having to decide what tastes better: your bubbie’s perfectly fluffy matzah balls or her homemade rugelach. I mean, that’s just cruel. But since I play by the rules, I will say that I love Clay Bouquet‘s headbands, specifically, the Stunning Golden Rhinestone and Pearl Headband. The delicate piece doesn’t skimp on glam, and the gold hues would definitely look amazing on brunettes (Jewish girls, holla!! Or, um, challah?).

I also really like Michelle – Petite Vintage style Jeweled Ribbon Headband – Something Blue. The reason? Its in the name. Something blue! I meant to do a “something blue” and totally forgot. I can’t believe I forgot. I mean, what was I doing that was more important? Getting married? Psshhh. At the last minute, I realized the Dodgers-themed garter could count as my “something blue,” but I wish I’d put more thought into it and that it was an accessory to my bridal look. So here it is! A dazzling “something blue” that also does a bang-up job of dressing up your hair. Hair can be up, down, half way, swept away — it doesn’t matter. This headband would look amazing.

If you don’t need any bling for your head, perhaps a little sparkle on your dress? Beaded sashes look amazing on wedding dresses, especially if your gown isn’t already detail-heavy. These sashes at the waist are extremely flattering and also add personal style to your bridal ensemble.

Jennifer is able to customize your beaded sash based on your personal stats for sizing. That’s a good thing because, I mean, when was the last time you saw all women with the same exact shape and size? (Okay, those Real Housewives of Wherever don’t count because they all basically bought their bodies). Anyway, point is, Jennifer works with you to make sure you are going to look your best!

Prices are reasonable. Jennifer doesn’t feel like leaving you in wedding debt (Thanks, Jennifer!) and just wants you to see the value in looking pretty! They’re all totally affordable, priced between $30 and $175. Plus, supporting small business is good karma.

Okay, so why is Jennifer’s shop called Clay Bouquet? The beaded hair and dress accessories are not her only talent. Like many handmade artists in the bridal industry, Jennifer’s creations started with her own wedding. After Jennifer tied the knot, everyone in her circle urged her to provide handcrafted bouquets for other brides! These bouquets are unique and special because they’re going to live forever! Brooch bouquets provide all the razzle-dazzle a bride may dream of as she walks down the aisle. Or, if she wants a traditional floral look without the help of Mother Nature, Jennifer sculpts extremely realistic flowers out of clay! She creates them all by hand, including every detail of a flower. She’s happy to add other fancy-shmancy elements like feathers, sentimental objects, pearls, and gems. Matching with wedding colors is a no-brainer, too!

So what are you playing to win today and over the next two weeks? Clay Bouquet is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her store! Just check out Clay Bouquet‘s shop and report back here by leaving a comment and sharing what you would choose if you won the prize!

Entries will be accepted through Monday, July 2nd at 11:59 p.m. PST. Winner is selected at random and announced on Facebook on July 3rd. The $25 gift certificate will never expire, is open worldwide, and is not transferable, not redeemable for cash and cannot be combined with other gift certificates towards one item.

Good luck!