A Groom with Sass Steps on the Glass


These are the sounds everyone wants to hear when the groom steps on the glass at his Jewish wedding. What a yummy and satisfying sound and it elicits such a hearty “mazel tov!” from all those in attendance. And bookended by kisses? Yeah, what’s not to love about the breaking of the glass?!

The question is: Can breaking the glass become any more exciting than it already is? The answer is YES. Yes, it can.

Thanks to Mazel Tov Stone, the groom has a ceremony memento that provides a sturdy and volume-increasing surface for the glass to break on with a rapid and swift stomp of the foot. Want even more bang for your buck? The pro tip: Use the heel of the foot for maximum crunch.

A Mazel Tov Stone does more than its job under the chuppah during the ceremony. It also serves as a beautiful keepsake of your wedding because it’s personalized with your information. You have a ketubah as a special symbol of your wedding day, right? A Mazel Tov Stone is another artifact from the happiest day of your life that can live in your home for all the years after.

A few weeks ago, I got to hang out with Robb and Lisa — the genius husband-and-wife team behind Mazel Tov Stone — at Bridal Premiere in California.

It’s always so fun to see friends of The Wedding Yentas in person. To all the rest of the fabulous friends in The Wedding Yentas Vendor Directory, let’s plan a big, flashy party so we can all get together and gush about our favorite thing: Jewish weddings!

Anyway, Mazel Tov Stone set up a picture-perfect booth to complement their beautiful stones and offered real demos of glass-breaking galore. They were also offering a bridal show special on their pricing. Teeeeeeechnically, it was an offer for people who were there that day and that day only. But, because you’re a reader of The Wedding Yentas, mention the bridal show special and you might luck out in the savings department. Wink, wink.

It was so fun to watch all kinds of grooms take a shot at breaking the glass. Even when it’s not a real wedding, there’s something so contagiously happy about it!

  • Mazel Tov Stone says:

    Thank you Alison!! That was such a fun afternoon and we’re so glad that Michael got a chance to practice his stomp – great job! Can’t wait to make their personalized Mazel Tov Stone for him and his beautiful bride-to-be!!! Mazel Tov!