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Sponsored by Blue Nile: Use the Leave Nothing To Chance Style App and Win Diamonds or a Gift Card!

This is a sponsored post and all opinions belong to Alison of The Wedding Yentas.

I love technology. We can talk on the phone while seeing others on the opposite end. We can communicate with friends across the world and stay in touch through social media. And now, there’s an application that analyzes your personality and declares what kind of jewelry your husband/mom/friend/boyfriend/sister/anyone-else-who-loves-you should buy you.


Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry, has just come out with a brand new platform that uses a scientific algorithm to analyze your responses and Facebook data to identify your fashion personality. It’s called Leave Nothing To Chance because, appropriately, when it comes to jewelry, you don’t want your gift-givers crossing their finger and hoping you’ll love what they buy you. When it comes to jewelry, let’s be real: hope is not enough.

You can find out if you’re a “Jet Setter,” “Queen Bee,” or “Understated Beauty” in order to see what kinds of jewelry pieces match that title. It will then issue a personalized infographic about your style along with a few gift recommendations, which you can customize and share on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Or, you know, just absolutely leave open on your sweetie’s computer — OOPS! There are 30 different personalities and it is surprisingly accurate!

Here’s what my results look like and I pretty much agree.


By now you should know I’m a big fan of comedy. If people or activities don’t make me laugh, forget about it; I’m done! But the Leave Nothing To Chance app made me laugh SO HARD. And I wasn’t even drinking!

Each question is worded very casually and fun, so it doesn’t feel like you’re taking the SAT (which would have been horrible for me because the guy behind me during the SAT had the most horrific nose whistle and I was distracted the entire time. Especially on the math section. Hmmm. But hey! I went to college and it all worked out. GO CATS!). It’s fun to be guided through a survey that asks tongue-in-cheek lifestyle questions, such as, “Skinny dipping at night with friends or a good book and a warm bath?”

After you answer each casual and fun question, there’s a segue statement and that’s where the comedy gold is. Snarky, sassy statements about my personality made my peacock feathers present themselves and I was satisfied with the zingers.


I would say you should have fun with this app just for the sass factor alone, but that’s not the only reason.
Those who participate will be entered to win a three carat diamond tennis bracelet. The winner will be contacted by email on Dec. 30.

Did you read that right?

You guys. You could win diamonds.

OK, hear me out.

If you use the app — and you should because it’s more fun than a lot of the other things you do to procrastinate on the computer — you can automatically be entered to win a three carat diamond tennis bracelet.

One more time in case you’re squinting from the idea of shiny things landing in your lap for free:

You could possibly win a three carat diamond tennis bracelet.

I don’t know how to make this clearer!

BUT, because I love you so much and because Blue Nile thinks that The Wedding Yentas is the best Jewish wedding blog ever, all of you get discount codes to buy stuff. Discount codes are seriously my favorite thing in the world. Every time I buy things online, I Google a discount code for the store just in case I can save more cash. It’s always so empowering when I’ve searched high and low to find a code and it actually works! No searching high and low here. Just straight ahead. Or in the next paragraph.

*Discount Code: BNAPP2013
It’s good for 10% off Blue Nile jewelry from Nov. 29, 2013 – Dec. 31, 2013. Enter the code into the “Reference Code” box at checkout.

One more thing — because it’s the season of giving and Blue Nile and I feel extremely generous — you can also enter to win a $50 gift card to Blue Nile!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun! And I hope the jewelry you receive is JUST what you wanted!

*Terms and conditions: Valid on select regularly-priced jewelry excluding loose diamonds, settings and Build Your Own Diamond Jewelry™. Offer not valid on sale merchandise, gift certificates, Monique Lhuillier jewelry, back-ordered items, polishing cloth, and jewelry cleaner purchases. Reference code BNAPP2013 must be entered in cart or mentioned over phone at time of purchase.Offer may not be combined with any other offer, cannot be applied retroactively, and applies to US customers only. Void where prohibited. Offer expires 11:59pm PST 12/31/2013. The offer terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.

Sweepstakes is open to all international buyers that BlueNile ships to. Winnings will be in the form of an online promo code that you can enter at checkout. Please check this link: to see if BlueNile ships to your destination country. Thanks & Good luck!

Sponsored Post: Blow Out Salons For The Win

I have to admit, I’m a big sucker for a good blow out. My hair, like many of my Jewish sisters, is curly and sometimes unruly, and after having a baby, Mother Nature has also left it a bit thinner. So, needless to say, when I have the opportunity to have it professionally blown out and styled, I am quick to jump into a swivel chair and let the round brush do its magic… by someone else.

Blow dry salons are popping up all over, and I’m a fan of this trend. Sometimes you just want to go in for a quickie, and you don’t want the stress of contemplating a cut and color as well. There’s something special and luxurious about going to the salon just for a blow out; you feel like you’re a celeb and there should be paparazzi outside the on the sidewalk, waiting to snap your picture as you, of course, head over to Kitson to go shopping with Katie and Suri. But that’s not the case. You’re just a nice Jewish girl who wants good hair. These blow dry salons make you feel magical, though, that’s for sure.

So when I was invited to Blow Angels in Los Angeles, I was all too excited to feel celeb-ish and get pretty hair for the upcoming weekend.

I didn’t let the sparse parking stress me out, since I knew that pampering was minutes away. Walking in and admiring the super chic turquoise aesthetics of the salon, I knew I was in for a good experience. I waited a little bit for my stylist due to a scheduling mishap, but I knew good things were in store thanks to classy touches like a canister of water with submerged mint leaves (very hospitable) and photo books of styles and ideas with angelic themes like Heaven and Halo.



When it was my turn to sit my tushie in the stylist’s chair, we discussed my current hair status (limp curls that lacked volume) and what I wanted to see on my head when she was done with me (fullness and curled ends to mask the fact that I actually needed a haircut). After our consult, I was escorted to the shampoo area in the back and the stylist did a great job cleaning and massaging my scalp. The awkward parts about the shampoo anywhere I go: It’s sooooo relaxing, but do I close my eyes? That’s so creepy. Also, stylists converse but I can’t hear anything because there is water sloshing around my ears. These are awkward moments between a client and a hair stylist. I think we should start a no-talking rule during shampoos, not because I’m unfriendly (I’m not), but because how many times can I say “I’m sorry, what” without wanting to drown myself in the hair washing sink? It would save me a lot of anxiety about social graces. Who’s with me?

That said, the shampoo was good. And it was onto the blow out.

My stylist did a fine job of controlling my hair. She wasn’t too hard on my scalp (though, as a curly haired gal, I can take heavy-handed styling and pulling), but I still felt like she was doing a thorough job. The products made my hair smell good and she didn’t try to sell me on them. It’s not that they’re not good products, but I already have enough trialed-and-sometimes-errored serums and gels and mousses and sprays and spritzes taking up precious cabinet space in my bathroom at home. I don’t appreciate when stylists sell while I’m in the chair, and I’m thankful this was not the case while I was at Blow Angels.

At the end, my stylist handed me a mirror so she could blueprint her steps and final masterpiece, and I was pretty pleased with how my hair turned out. The style was a little more fluffy than I imagined, but I knew it would deflate to a more reasonable height and width as the day went on.

The friendly staff sent me on my way and I was back on the road (though in traffic — thanks, 405!) and onto my evening’s plans.

I think visiting Blow Angels, and blow out salons in general, is a reasonably priced and convenient luxury for special occasions. At $29 per blow out, it’s something you could do every week if your budget allows for it. Otherwise, it’s extremely reasonable for special occasions like showers and bachelorette parties. I know many brides set up events for their bridal party on the day of the wedding, and as long as you make reservations in advance and time it properly, Blow Angels will accommodate you and your girls at the salon to give you a personal experience with great service. They can also give you some extra pampering with deep conditioning treatments ($15) or scalp massages ($9) for a few extra bucks.

There are makeup services that I didn’t patronize, but with prices at $30 per application, this could be an easy and low-cost fix to a face that needs a little sprucing. It’s more or less what you might pay at the mall makeup counter when you purchase product, so in theory, you could walk out of Blow Angels with hair and makeup complete at under $100.

I would recommend Blow Angels for Angelenos who are looking for a non-chain blow dry salon experience. I’ve been to other salons that are just for blow outs, and I think Blow Angels is pretty comparable. Perhaps Blow Angels lacks a little sophistication and chic-chic style when compared to its competition salons, and that’s only because Blow Angels also hosts a boutique and items for sale at the counter which clutter the salon’s ambiance some, but this is not a factor that makes the blow out experience anything less than enjoyable. The overall decor and touches themselves, though, are very pleasing.

For bridal or day-to-day stylist, check out Blow Angels. It’ll feel heavenly to have perfectly styled hair.

Blow Angels is at 11659 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California and is also on Facebook.

  • rachel r says:

    I know this post was from a long time ago, but I noticed that no one had commended on how adorable you looked, and that was a shame.

    I discovered your sight today and it has been a joy to browse through. Thank you!