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Engagement Session on the Santa Monica Pier

I’m so excited to share Vicky and Chad’s engagement session on The Wedding Yentas today! They are an adorable couple who look like a lot of fun. They’re also a JDate success story and soon-to-be married, so it’s even more of a privilege to showcase their engagement session because, as most of you know, JDate couples hold a special place in my heart since Mr. Yenta and I are JDate alumni.

Chad and Vicky have been featured on JDate’s collection of Success Stories and here’s an excerpt from their feature:

Vicky and Chad were never in any hurry to get married, and decided very early on to make a “10-year plan.” It grew into a joke with the two saying, “Only 6 years left in the 10-year plan!” But it allowed them to grow and mature at their own pace. During the first five years of their relationship, Vicky and Chad bought a home and adopted a perfect five-pound puppy who has since become the princess of their household.

To celebrate their five-year anniversary, Chad set up a weekend trip to Monterey, CA where they biked the famous 17-Mile Drive and explored the Monterey Aquarium. Before dinner one night, Chad got down on one knee and asked Vicky to marry him. Chad was really nervous, but he shouldn’t have been. It was an easy answer for Vicky: “Yes!”

This cute couple went to the Santa Monica Pier for their engagement photos which was colorful and vibrant in front of Love Janet Photography‘s camera!

Santa Monica Pier Engagement Shoot



















Photographer: Love Janet Photography
Editorial Partner: Two Bright Lights

A Mother of the Bride’s Perspective

Remember beautiful Dara and handsome Michael’s Kansas City Jewish wedding from a couple weeks ago? Well, Dara’s mama has something to say about her daughter meeting the man of her dreams and the wedding day that came to be! It’s always so special to have a new point of view and there’s nothing like the view of our (Jewish) mothers!


Jewish Wedding

A Jewish Doctor!! Thank You Mom and JDate!

Wichita, Kansas isn’t exactly the Jewish dating mecca, even if you have the most wonderful daughter in the world. I’m not knocking Wichita. There is a nice, small Jewish community, but at the time most of the members were older, married, or still in elementary school, and the few Jewish boys she grew up with were more like brothers than perspective love interests.

Dara’s dad and I were hopeful she would find a Jewish man at KU, but it didn’t happen. Again we were hopeful when she moved to Kansas City, but each time she brought a boy home we began to realize this was not happening, and she made it very clear she had no interest in joining JDate.

My mother, Dara’s grandmother, passed away in May 2009. We were sitting shiva at my brother’s home on Long Island. Towards the end of day three, my brother’s friend engaged my daughter in conversation in an effort to set her up with his nephew. To pique her interest, he wanted to show her his photo on JDate. My niece powered up her computer, loaded the JDate website, and as she was handing the laptop to my daughter, a free membership sign flashed across the screen. In unison, we burst into laughter and screamed that it was Grandma at work already. Dara joined JDate that day, and the rest is history.

I loved Michael from the moment I met him. He was warm, confident, intelligent, possessed a sense of humor, and when he came to NY for Thanksgiving, it was as if he had been part of our family right from the start. My daughter was blessed! She had met a wonderful man with an amazing family that adored her and she adored them right back. Upon meeting them for the first time, I understood why. When my best friend asked me, “So what are they like?” I answered, “I would want to be friends with them even if they weren’t Michael’s parents.” To which she responded, “Wow! That’s wonderful.” Wonderful is right!

About a year later, Dara and Michael were engaged. It was a match made in heaven. My daughter was not only going to marry a Jewish man, but a Jewish doctor! I will never forget the day my daughter called:
“Hi Mommy, are you sitting down?”
“Yes, why?”
“Michael asked me to marry him! I said ‘Yes!’ WE’RE ENGAGED!”

What followed was a whirlwind of planning, shopping, tasting, trying, calling, crying, laughing, stuffing, mailing, eating (best tasting wedding cake ever), fitting, starving, AKA, the best mother-daughter time ever!!

I would describe the search for “The Dress” to be, at first, exhilarating, quickly going from confusing, to what we described as wedding dress blur. You know when your daughter has tried on so many dresses, each one looking more fabulous than the next but not quite “The One” and they all start blurring together and you can’t remember which one has which detail? Well, I kept asking Dara, “How do you feel in it?” and from the top of Mount Wedding Dress Blur, Dara yelled “Why do you keep asking me that? I don’t know what you mean. I feel like I am trying on wedding dress. How am I supposed to feel? Please stop asking me that.”

And then… Then that magical moment happened. She stepped out of the dressing room and we looked at each other both knowing this is The One and the tears began to fall. I know every mother thinks their daughter is the most beautiful bride, and that is the way it should be, but my daughter really was.

There are no words to describe the flood of emotion as I watched my daughter marry her new best friend. Dara and Michael were so happy, the way they looked at each other, we knew everything was going to be OK. I have never seen a couple have as much fun during their wedding ceremony as Michael and Dara. It was a spectacular event, and would have given us enough memories to last a lifetime, but we were not finished.

Although, Michael was born in the United States, his parents were born in Israel, and still have many close relatives and friends living there. Many of them were unable to attend the wedding in Kansas City. Michael’s parents, with the help of his fabulous aunt and uncle, made a second wedding reception in Haifa at the Dan Carmel Hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

It was a stunning affair, truly fit for royalty as approximately 200 family members and friends came to wish the newly married couple much “nachus” and to share in this joyous celebration of love.

So, I end as I began, with gratitude for bringing this incredible man named Michael into my daughter’s heart and head, a man who values family as much as he does life, who calls me “Mom,” and makes me happy to have another fabulous son, but most importantly, who adores my daughter and strives to make her happy everyday.

Thank you Mom, thank you JDate.

Respectfully submitted by,
Barbara Rose

Jewish Wedding

Yentas Click with JDate!

A year ago, marriage got a little larger than life. How much larger? Well, about 50-feet-off-the-ground-and-as-wide-as-my-house larger. I’m not blowing this out of proportion, but my husband and I were literally blown up… on a billboard in Times Square.

As most readers know by now, Bryan and I are products of JDate. We should’ve met a dozen times offline: we grew up in the same town, had mutual friends, went to the same Hebrew school… his dad even played guitar at my Bat Mitzvah! A friend tried to set me up with him on a blind date, but I said “nah” and decided to continue to shop for boyfriends online. Turns out, the friend knew what she was talking about because the Internet insisted on bringing us together. The very guy my friend thought would be a good match for me was the very guy I clicked with on JDate and married three years later. Is this a JDate success? You bet.

So during this anniversary week of looooove, I encourage those of you who are planning your weddings before securing your groom (I’ll admit I was one of those! I totally browsed wedding blogs before I even met the hubster!) to check out JDate. You never know who you’re going to meet and even if you’ve done it before, there’s always a new “shipment” of “inventory” coming in so the experience is always fresh. Be active. Spice up your profile. Be honest. Open your mind. Shrug and say “why not?” You never know! And if some of your ideal matches include your best friend from Jewish summer camp or that kid from Sunday school from 15 years ago, you can enjoy a good laugh… or a rekindled spark!

And if you did find success on JDate, I encourage you to send your story over to them. JDate is always looking for new couples to showcase and your tale of love helps so many others. It’s actually cool: you send your photos in, you write up a little narrative, and get a link to share with all your people.

And, sometimes, you might even get a billboard.

Did you find love on JDate? Leave a comment below and share!

  • Talya says:

    I met my fiance on JDate and we’re getting married in October of 2012. I will send a success story in — I thought you had to be married already. Thanks JDate and The Wedding Yentas.

Still Shopping for a Husband?

Ladies, if we may be so bold, some of you are still shopping for husbands, no? Don’t be ashamed. Many women start planning their weddings before they’ve even found Mr./Dr./Rabbi Right. Without giving anything away, a few years ago, one of the Yentas was browsing through wedding gowns in one window while clicking through boyfriends in another. So if you’re here without a ring on your finger yet, that’s okay! No judging here. There’s nothing wrong with getting a head start and looking at pretty pictures of weddings. But if you do need a little FYI on finding the right guy, you know we’re big fans of JDate® and plenty of our friends have also found true love on The Big J.

As most JDaters will tell you, having the right profile can seal the deal for the right guy. And sure, you may collect some wacky stories here and there, but you’re boosting your chances to make your chuppah dreams a reality if you include an assortment of pictures, sprinkle in some humor, and go heavy on the honesty in your profile.

Here’s a humorous inside look at Episode 1 of a web series on J-TV called “Power of the Punim.” These are just a couple of questions plaguing comedian Eric Schwartz in his quest to become the most “Eli-Jew-ble Bachelor” on JDate®. In JDate’s brand new 3-part webisode series, JDate Walking, Eric takes to the streets, asking people their advice while giving his signature, hilarious commentary.

So after you enjoy this chuckle-worthy video, get to your JDate® profile, get engaged, and get busy planning your wedding with The Wedding Yentas!

Don’t forget, JDate® is always looking for its alumni to feature in their Success Stories! If you are engaged or married to a fellow JDater, make sure to submit yourself so you can be pampered by JDate®!

Just Call Our Names & We’ll Be There

The #1 Jewish wedding planning blog has a new number and it’s all for you!

We are now making our toll-free hotline available to everyone so that we may assist our vendors and brides as easily as possible!

Hey brides: If you need a cantor at the last minute, you can call us! If your groom is looking to buy a new tallit, he can call us! We know people. We are Yentas after all, and we can call a friend or a reliable vendor that’s listed in our directory to make sure that all your needs are taken care of. We don’t want you to ever be left hanging because frankly, accidents happen. Let us clean up and make sure everything is as perfect as a slow-cooked brisket.

Hey vendors: You need to know information about the Yentas? Are you looking for promotion or a good ol’ fashioned thumbs up from the know-it-alls in the inner circle of Jewish weddings? We’re your go-to gals. Perhaps you want to offer your goods to our deserving readers. Just give us a call.

Sure, we’re still email-a-holics. We haven’t left the ’10s (just doesn’t have the same roll-off-the-tongue feel as “the ’90s” does it?). You can always reach us on that new-fangled Al Gore-invented Internet. However, if you want that more personal vocal interaction or you want to hear just how good we pronounce our Yiddish “ch” sounds, the phone is the way to go.

With our new number, 877-WYENTAS, it’s like we’re the matchmaker for engaged couples and wedding vendors all over the U.S.! We’re just doing our part to make the process a little easier for everyone involved.

So, dearest Brides and Vendors, here’s another fine reason to join The Wedding Yentas family. With our new hotline, this game of Telephone just got hotter!

Plus, we didn’t pay good money for nothing. Call us. Then call your mother.

877-WYENTAS, (877) 993-6827

Oh! And in other exciting news, you can find our latest installment in JMag®, the online lifestyle magazine brought to you by JDate®! Just click here to visit! If you met your partner on JDate®, why not submit your story and let them know that they made a good match!

And then you can call us at 877-WYENTAS to let us know that you did.

  • Lisha says:

    This is exactly what i’m looking for! I’ll bookmark it. Thanks again!

  • Zadie says:

    I love that you have a phone number for vendors/brides to call! It’s such a cute number too.