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Honeymoon Photo Shoot on Maui

After a weekend’s worth of posing and smiling and knee popping and arm-on-the-hipping, and sucking in, your body is exhausted from wedding photos. Let’s face it, mugging for your photographer is hard work! Thank goodness you have a honeymoon soon after during which you can relax and forget about all wedding-related items on your must-do list. And while I totally suggest vegging out and letting your brain turn to newlywed mush, here’s something I recommend you do; something I wish I did: A HONEYMOON SHOOT!

BellaEva Photography, based on Maui, submitted this fun and whimsical honeymoon shoot of Caroline and Remi who hammed it up for the camera during their honeymoon. I love the concept of capturing your brand new life together on your first new adventure together. No matter where you go or when, consider a honeymoon photo shoot! All of your professional wedding photos should be stunning because you chose a photographer who knew how to capture you and your personalities through your heavily planned details. However, all of your professional photos will feature you in your wedding costumes and wedding environment. A honeymoon shoot will capture a more relaxed version of yourselves: happy to be on vacation, but looking a little more real-life than the dolled up couple you were on the big day. Especially if you are traveling to a location with beautiful photo opps, you should definitely track down a photographer who can photograph you in your element: in love and celebrating!

Aundrea of BellaEva Photography says:
Who ever said mom knows best was absolutely right in the case of Remi and Caroline, matched up by none other than their two moms! The two love birds came all the way to Maui for their honeymoon shoot and could not have been more ecstatic to be reveling in the Hawaiian sun and beach breeze! Always playful, always smiling, these two spent almost the whole day in front of the lens as if nothing in the world existed besides the two of them and I could not have been happier to have been there to capture it all!

Maui Honeymoon Photoshoot


















Submitted via Two Bright Lights.

Never Too Soon To Talk Honeymoon

You may as well pack your e-bags and put on your “Just Married” flip flops because we’re about to take you on a tour of honeymoon options and locations. No airline fees, no mini hotel shampoos, and no layovers to your final destination — just your computer, your excitement, and The Yentas! It’s exciting to bring on Runya Simon, a Honeymoon Planning Specialist who is was a recent-ish bride and and now mother to baby girl Brynn! You may remember her gorgeous day we featured in Real Weddings! Enjoy!


Wedding planning can be quite a megillah: so many florists to meet, so many cakes to taste, and many gorgeous gowns to try on! While you are over the moon with excitement and busy hashing out all the details, don’t forget that after you say “I do” and after you dance your little tushie off at your reception, you and your honey will get that much needed alone time and relaxation on your very own vacation made for two: your honeymoon!!

There are many ideas of the derivation of the term “honeymoon,” one of which can be found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary that dates back to 1546: “the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest,” and in Hebrew it translates to “yerach d’vash,” or honey month.

With iPhones, Blackberries, computers, and iPads sadly taking over our everyday lives, going on a honeymoon is not only a chance to take the much-awaited trip with your honey and escape work and life’s responsibilities, but it’s also a way to truly unplug from the hustle and bustle and focus on your new life together as husband and wife. It’s also pretty awesome to bask in the glory with all the travel perks that come along with being newlyweds!

Couples always ask me when they should plan and book their “moon” and my answer is always right away. The ring is on your finger, the date and venue have been booked, so start thinking about the type of trip you want to take and when. Most traditional honeymoon locations book up and you want to stay ahead of the game and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for! Depending on the departure date of your honeymoon, be sure to prepare as best you can for the upcoming trip.

This is not just any old vacation; you have many things on your mind and wedding plans that are coming to fruition. So make yourself a checklist and ask these simple questions: Is my passport up to date? Do I need travel shots? Do I have the right wardrobe? Should I pack before or after the wedding? Should I wear my sparkler of a ring, or play it safe with a simple band? Your honeymoon planning should be totally stress-free, so don’t wait until the last minute to plan. Pamper yourself and use an expert honeymoon travel agent, such as myself, to help you with every detail to make this the dreamiest “moon” that’s all about you: the happy couple!


Honeymoons have evolved over the years and I am here to tell you that it’s 100% acceptable to break the mold! Your “moon” should be special and specific to whatever you want it to be. There are no rules that apply! Traditionally, the couple leaves on their honeymoon the following day or two after the wedding, but this is not necessarily the case anymore. Couples are now carefully taking into consideration where they want to go, what they want out of their “moon” (besides just alone time, wink wink), and what time of year they want to make this sweet trip! Depending on the locale that you choose, you may need to wait a few month. Let’s be honest: if you get married in December/January and your dream honeymoon is a trip to Alaska, it’s probably not the best time to visit the land of glaciers and salmon. Likewise, if your wedding is planned for July and you love the idea of visiting Australia, you probably have forgotten that it’s mid-winter there! It’s okay to wait. You have waited so long to find your soul mate, and have patiently waited for your turn down the aisle, so it’s all right to take your time and plan your perfect honeymoon!

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to be completely paid for out of your own pocket either! Register for memories that will last a lifetime with a honeymoon registry! This is a popular option for couples that would like to add experiences to their gift list: great as a stand-alone registry or to complement a traditional one. A honeymoon registry lets you create a unique gift list of all the parts of your dream vacation, such as the fantasy suite you’ve had your eye on, relaxing massages, romantic dinners, and exciting excursions.

It works perfectly whether or not you know exactly where you want to go because the gifts are virtual and you receive the cash to use when you’re ready, however you like. Deposit a Gift is a perfect option for a honeymoon registry because of how user-friendly it is it is for you and guests: they offer pre-made lists for easy set-up (look for the blue ‘Rapid Registry’ button!), accept credit cards, and even offer a customer service number in case granny gets fermished.

Here’s how it works:

  • Users make gift registries just like people do with a traditional store registry, using a database of images or by clicking on a pre-made list.
  • Guests choose a gift to purchase, finding the right price point for their budget. They are not actually buying the present, but it feels more personal than sending a check. The money gets deposited into the recipient’s Deposit a Gift account.
  • When users are ready to spend the money, they cash-out in the form of check, VISA gift card or direct deposit.


My husband and I got married in the month of March, yet we dreamed of a Greek/Mediterranean honeymoon, but we soon found that our “moon” would have to wait until June in order to have optimal weather and other tourism factors, so three months later, still newlyweds, we embarked on a wonderful Mediterranean Cruise adventure which we will never forget. Two days after the wedding we were lucky enough to escape to Maui for just a few relaxing days in paradise to unwind and enjoy our “Just Married” status (Brides, I know you want to wear your Mrs. ____ Juicy track suit on the plane!). If you choose this postponed honeymoon, you can always get away for a night, use air miles to go somewhere not too far from home, or drive to some romantic location for a few nights, all while your official honeymoon awaits you! If you are a traditionalist and must go on your honeymoon the day or two following your wedding — you go girl (and guy)! When and where you plan to celebrate the sweetness of your new nuptials doesn’t matter as long as you’re both happy. Whether it’s on a white sandy beach in paradise, or amongs lions and tigers on an African safari, you will be snuggled close with your beshert!

Honeymooning with your honey will be the icing on the cake, the cat’s meow and the bee’s knees! Saying “I do” is just the start to the many adventures you will have together, so don’t let your honeymoon be just an afterthought! This trip marks the newlywed phase of marriage and should you have a little too much fun “honeymooning,” you will soon need to book a Babymoon — but that is a whole other type of trip that we can discuss when the time is right!

Mazel tov and happy travels!

Runya Simon is a Honeymoon and Wedding Travel Specialist. Just like a wedding coordinator helps your wedding dreams come true, she assists you with every step of planning and booking the “moon” of your dreams. Runya is based in Los Angeles, but can help jet-setting brides and grooms everywhere. Her vast knowledge and passion for travel make her your ideal honeymoon coordinator. You can email her with questions and reservations at Runya is looking forward to hearing from you! Enjoy the rest of your planning!

  • molla wallace says:

    We own a gorgeous oceanfront condo on Poipu Beach, Kauai. I would be happy to make arrangement with your relatives for your stay. I also can provide you with a wedding officiant who does heartfelt Jewish and Hawaiian weddings. We can provide photos and flowers. You can get married on a horse or on the Beach or in a restaurant. We are right next to the best restaurant on Kauai, the Beach House. Our condo is so romantic and private with the sounds of the ocean day and night. We are on facebook and you can google us, #305 Kuhio Shores. We adorn the walls with original artwork by noted artists and the most comfortable furniture, including a heavenly memoryfoam bed. Would love to hear from you!

From the Expert: Destination Wedding Travel Made Easy

Gloria Emanuelson brings her travel knowledge to The Wedding Yentas today! Her travel company, Honeymoon Dreams and Wishes is Signature Preferred, with contacts in over 22 countries, and specializing in luxury, upscale, travel. This has allowed Honeymoon Dreams and Wishes to build strong relationships throughout the world so that her clients can enjoy the best of the best. Gloria loves nothing more than traveling and attending weddings, so it seems obvious to pair up with The Wedding Yentas to share tips and ideas to brides who wish to have a destination wedding or an unforgettable honeymoon.

Honeymoon Dreams and Wishes

At Honeymoon Dreams and Wishes we offer a variety of services for you including:
Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Anniversaries, and Romantic Vacations. Because we have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, Tahiti, Central America, and Hawaii we can “Match” you to the right Destination and Resort.

You may think that because you’re intending to have some sort of Jewish wedding, that there’s no way you could also enjoy a destination wedding. Well, that’s not true. As a a woman who loves weddings and with a big bite from the travel bug, I can tell you that destination weddings are special and memorable.

There are many reasons a destination wedding can be the perfect choice for you and your fiance. Imagine standing on a beautiful beach with the ocean behind, or on a cliff with a village below you, or in a garden with a winery around you — all while saying your vows!

Destination Weddings

Getting married in your own special-to-you locale is such a special way to say “I do!” and will create memories that will last forever. I’ve recently had an opportunity to visit the Cancun/Riviera Maya area and experience for myself how amazing this experience would be. The resorts in the Riviera Maya area, especially, provide so many options for the couples.

If you’re nervous about planning the details of your wedding in advance from afar, take a deep breath and relax. The resorts have wedding coordinators who can assist you with all of your planning so this will really make the planning process easy. They eliminate so much stress and provide you the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy this special time in you lives. You won’t need to worry about the nitty gritty during the other exciting parts of your bridal experience like wedding showers and bachelorette parties. Focus on those events and being present for them. Let your destination wedding coordinator handle the rest with your input, of course.

If you’re inviting a group of guests to join you for your destination wedding, I do recommend hiring a travel professional to coordinate the guests’ travel arrangements. Coordinating how your guests will travel can be quite involved and time consuming, and if the whole point is to relieve you of some of the dirty work, then there’s no sense in you scheduling all of your loved ones, too. A travel professional like me can provide the most cost effective way for your guests to arrive and depart, while also making some luxurious and convenient plans for everyone. We also, often times, have connections with the resorts and this will provide you and your guests with added values you may not receive by booking directly yourself.

So go ahead — close your eyes and imagine your happy place. Want to get married there? It can happen! Mazel tov, on your upcoming wedding!


Check out Gloria’s travel boutique, Honeymoon Dreams and Wishes or visit her page on Facebook to get the latest news and info about wedding-related getaways!