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Earth Day Wedding Day

Earth Day is celebrated this Friday and The Wedding Yentas are sending a little earthy love to our planet!

Last summer we posted a Real Wedding that was not only beautiful, but green! The eco-friendly affair took the earth’s comfort and care into account, so on this day leading up to Earth Day, we thought we’d republish the great ideas that the Southern California bride planned with her wedding coordinator, Paola of Just Chic Events. All photos are by Mi Belle Photography.

You can absolutely get inspiration from this gorgeous, green wedding to make your big day a little gentler on the earth.

For example, you might consider decorating with no cut flowers. At this wedding, the centerpieces were florals that could be replanted in another garden after the day was over. If you do want to have cut florals, take a tip from this green bride and use flowers from a previous night’s affair. Ask your florist for extra cuttings or remnants from another client’s event and reuse them in your arrangements or bouquets. The blooms should still be beautiful the next day.

Get glamorous — green! Find nail and hair salons that are eco-friendly and use organic or natural products. You may pay a little more, but you’ll also feel better knowing that you and the earth are getting pampered.

Food stations help cut back on unnecessary waste. Served, plated meals don’t always get eaten. Allowing the guests to select what they want and the amount allows the food to actually be eaten instead of just thrown out. Find and organic caterer and bakery for your entrees and cake. Make sure that your ingredients are fresh and locally grown, as this has a positive effect on the earth and your health.

You can still include classy details in your decor and favors! For example, this bride tied her napkins with a piece of eco-friendly raffia. Table numbers were recycled from a past event that the bride’s mother had held at her house. It would be easy for you to do the same, asking your network of family and friends for similar items. The bride chose to give favors, but they’re the gifts that keep on giving. The wedding favors were from Tree In A Box, offering the gift — and mitzvah! — of planting a tree to help the environment. The boxes were personalized and looked super cute!

These are just some ways you can tie in green details with your overall wedding day. Some people roll their eyes and find it difficult to plan a wedding day with the earth in mind. But with a little thinking outside the box, a passion for our planet, and a detailed explanation of your vision to your wedding vendors, you should have no problem going the extra mile for the earth, just as it has gone for you!

Happy Almost Earth Day!

Friday Favorites | The Eco Luxe Bride

Good things come to those who green.

This week we’ve been offering you a discount code at The Eco Luxe Life. Just type in WEDDINGYENTAS at checkout for your savings! We are also excited to announce this week’s Friday Favorites giveaway! Read on for details on how to enter!

We’re so excited to gush about today’s Friday Favorites store! Some of our favorite green products can be found on The Eco Luxe Life!

When you visit T.E.L.L., the largest, chicest online green store, blog and community forum, you’ll find products for daily life, domestic living, and –our favorite — wedding bliss! It is your go-to, one-stop, hip shop for learning and shopping green! By creating the largest online eco-friendly destination with products that runs the entire lifestyle spectrum, you are able to enjoy tons of fabulous healthy, greener options at all different price points. Just by looking at T.E.L.L. you can see that going eco isn’t about compromise anymore… these products are phenomenal, and they are housed in a website that is totally fab and feminine. You won’t be disappointed!

Let’s get started with your must-have list. You need these items for your pre and post-wedding life anyway, so why not buy them green?!

Makin’ Up
So many brides wear caked on, too heavy makeup on the big day. Switch to a lighter, mineral based makeup so you look perfect like an angel! Try these awesome lip glosses from Cheeky Cosmetics and eye shadows from Modern Minerals. These will lighten you up in more ways than one!

Honeymoon SCENTuality
Smell so good he can’t keep his hands off of you with Ambre Blends essential oils. Phthalate-free, it’ll continue to be safe to use when you’re onto the baby phase, since, we’re warning you now, the minute after you say “I do,” everyone will ask you when you’re going to start making little ones. It’s always something! Anyway, even after the champagne’s run out and your dress is hung back up in the closet, keep him coming back for more of his bride with these essential oils that are, essentially, super romantic.

Scrub a Dub Dub
Slough off your old single girl self and exfoliate prior to the wedding in order to have glowing, healthy-looking skin. Sumbody’s chocolate bon bons let you get your choco fix without all the calories. If you have any wedding stress, don’t eat your feelings; scrub ’em.

It’s In The Bag
Your bridesmaids will need to put their stuff somewhere during all of your wedding weekend Olympics. Let them schlep their stuff in style with an Envirosax bag. We love this super chic print that matches any wedding color scheme. A practical, earth-friendly bag also serves as a great memento from your special day! Your gals will continue to use it and spread additional earth-loving vibes.

Take A Deep Breath
Nerves got you up at night? Got wedding plans on the brain? Relax with Zen’s Purple Garden’s Sleep Sachet that fits right in your pillowcase to help calm you down so you can sleep. Lavender is a natural way to relax and improve sleep quality. Oh, and it’s pretty, too.

Avoid a Hairy Situation
Tame those tresses with El Serum by Rare Elements. It’ll moisturize and nourish your locks so they’re glowing on game day. This pre-shampoo serum is ideal for hair that’s dry or has been chemically treated. The blushing bride shouldn’t blush out of embarrassment over her split ends! This hair-crack will rejuvenate your locks so you can look your best while locking up your love!

Fire Up Some Love
Set set the mood with these beautiful Soular candles. The wax is natural and free of colorants, so it assures an ultra clean, edge to edge, 50-hour soot-free burn with each lighting. These will fill your space with a truly intoxicating aroma. Perfect for welcome baskets for your out of town guests, bridesmaids gifts, or even wedding night romance, you can find a lot of reasons to fall in love with these awesome GREEN candles!

Nail It!
Gorgeous colors. No stinky smells. Easy to remove. What isn’t there to love about Natural Watercolors Non-Peel Off Nail Polish By Honeybee Gardens nail polish? Bring this with you to your mani/pedi appointment or do it yourself at home. Either way, your hands will be worthy of holding your bouquet on your wedding day!

Show Your Best Face
It’s your wedding day and after you walk down the aisle and kiss your groom, the veil is no longer hiding your face! So show off your mug, especially if you’ve used Facial Mask By Pangea Organics – Japanese Matcha Tea With Acai and Goji Berry. This mega award-winning facial mask does all the fancy, sciencey things to make your face bright, refreshed, and radiant.

We love sharing some of our favorite products with you! Now’s your chance to share something YOU would like to try! Take a walk through The Eco Luxe Life store, pick some products that interest you, and leave them in a comment below to enter to win the sweepstakes! This week, The Wedding Yentas and The Eco Luxe Life have partnered to offer one lucky winner a gift certificate to their store! You can’t win if you don’t enter. We’re accepting entries through Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Monday via The Wedding Yentas blog and Facebook page.


  • Tali says:

    I love that pillow insert. It sounds so relaxing. The site has such great stuff.

  • Dana says:

    It’s hard to choose just one product. The bedding by Amenity Home is amazing, I love the fern one. Since I’m a pet lover, I love all the organic pet products as well. What a great site!

  • Danielle says:

    LOVE the Bambu Bowls. Very cool. I like unique bamboo looking items. It has a very earthy yet chic look.

  • Megan says:

    My fiance is always breaking out from his aftershave. I keep telling him to get an organic type aftershave that won’t hurt his skin. I think the Honeybee Gardens product would work well for him. If I win the gift certficate, I’ll buy it for him!

  • Abby says:

    Zosimos makes great shower gels! And since you need to shower every day, it may as well be with a good product.

  • Yael says:

    Beeswax pillar candles are my favorite.

  • Araxi says:

    LOVE all these green items!!! I have some of the Pangeas products and LOVE them! Great choices Yentas! 🙂

  • Kelsey says:

    I think it’s cool that they carry food on their site. Good for gifting.

  • JuneBride2011 says:

    I have a puppy so I would get the Pet Stain & Odor remover. I hate using harsh chemicals in my house to clean up her mess. Cool stuff overall!

  • Sheila says:

    Organic products are great. I love the facial mask!

  • Michelle says:

    I love those nail-polish colors. I’m so tired of my mani/pedi deteriorating the next day, I look forward to trying honeybee gardens!

It’s Easy Being – And Partying! – Green

For today’s Green Week feature, we went straight to the source to get information about having a GREEN DJ performing all your music and party needs! We’re happy to introduce Randy Lehrman from Real Genius Entertainment!

Hybrid vehicles. Reusable shopping bags. And now Green DJs? Don’t you have enough on your plate thinking about your flower arrangements and whether or not your groom can pick out a tuxedo that doesn’t give your mom an 80s flashback?

Of course you do. But GREEN is in for a reason. It’s not just about your entertainment being environmentally conscious, but being environmentally smart. I’ve been in the business nearly 20 years as a Mobile DJ, Party Host, and event planner, and I can tell you that planning a green wedding should be in the back of your mind somewhere because it’s important.

Power Up Your Circuit Knowledge
Being supportive of the environment is obviously motivated by thinking of our children and our future (cue Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All”), but what if I told you it’s pretty important for your event, too? You don’t have to be Thomas Edison to know there is only a certain amount of energy in every wall outlet (or circuit). No matter how many of those surge protectors your hubby will use in the garage to connect his drill set and saw, there is still only a certain amount of juice available (electricity in the wall). It’s the same principle at your event. Each circuit usually consists of 20 amps, and when you’ve sucked the wall dry, your caterer will end up running to flip the switch after your dad has flipped his lid.

Lighten Up!
Lights at your party are key! Most DJs specialize in two kinds of lighting — dance floor lighting and architectural lighting. Dance floor lighting is self explanatory; it’s where the party is, so you want it to be as festive and colorful as possible without it looking like a local Yankee Doodles restaurant. Architectural lighting consists of uplighting (making your walls colorful), pin spotting (mini spotlights specifically focused on your centerpieces for that extra pop), and gobos (projections of designs, pictures, or your names on the walls or dance floor). All of these lighting details really spice up a room and make the difference, creating something wonderful.

But these things take lots and lots of power. So much sometimes, that they might blow a circuit at your party! What a buzz kill! Luckily, since I’m a GREEN DJ, I never have that problem. Almost everything we run is all LED technology. The newest, the latest, the greatest, and most importantly, the least power-consuming technology for lighting. Here’s a quick example: I can do 24 LED uplights, 15 LED pin spots, light the entire dance floor, add my whole DJ system, and I can run around 15 amps with plenty to spare. The other guys who don’t practice Green DJing use so much power that they take up more than one circuit, running the risk of blowing the whole thing, which would really be a bummer for your photographer, videographer, montage projection, etc. since they won’t have use of the local power in the room.

Get Wired to Hire a Green DJ
Simply by using less, you get more. You get more assurance your party runs smoothly, more peace of mind that if your guests accidentally touch an uplight with their foot they won’t scream out in pain (LED lighting is cool to the touch), and the confidence in knowing that you don’t have to run so much A/C to account for all the hot lights the DJ is running. A Green DJ is just one more element that creates a wedding event that looks and sounds the way you want…AMAZING!

When you meet with your DJ, make sure that an interest to care for the environment is a priority! You are now powered with the knowledge! Enjoy dancing your hora, knowing that there’s enough power in the room for the best man’s speech!

Randy Lehrman is the owner of Real Genius Entertainment, a special events company that specializes in Jewish life cycle events, making every event unique and different while paying close attention to detail and a high level of personal service. With 20 years of experience, Randy uses his personality to drive the party. He also will help you with lighting design, music selections, room layout, and making your wedding exactly how you want it. Located in West Hills, CA (818) 346-3482

  • Marion says:

    Perfect for Bat Mitzvahs, sweet sixteen parties, birthday parties, or any special event.

  • Yenta Alison says:

    Aaaand WEDDINGS!!!! After Randy does your wedding, have kids and then 13 years later, he can work their mitzvahs!

  • Yussi says:

    It’s nice to see a DJ who cares about the environment!

Happy Green Week!

Sure, you were wearing your flip flops and sun dresses weeks ago, but it’s June 21st: It’s the official start of summer. So in honor of this new, sunny season, we are going to give you a whole week all about Green Weddings!! Check out The Wedding Yentas all week for Real GREEN Weddings, awesome offers from our friends at The Eco Luxe Life, and a fantastic giveaway that you could win that would leave your friends GREEN with envy!

There are a number of ways to create a beautiful wedding, while still honoring the earth and sparing waste.

You can save thousands of dollars by buying a dress that’s not brand new! And while you’re saving, you’re also cutting back on machinery and fabric waste. Borrow a friend’s or your mom’s and if it needs alterations and they say it’s okay, you can still make it your own with additional details or cuts. This is a great way to honor a special woman in your life.

You can also check out for designer gowns sold at totally discounted prices! The dresses are sometimes totally unworn (NEWSFLASH: Brides can have trouble making up their minds and sometimes buy more dresses than needed!) or just even gently worn. After all, how many times does a bride wear the same wedding dress? All you have to do is browse the dresses on the site, find one you love, reach out to the seller, talk money, and discuss shipping and you’re done! We’ve seen some real beauties on, and it’s a terrific way to promote the green wedding movement.

Go vintage! Nothing would make your wedding more unique than donning a classic 1950s wedding dress or a 1930s gown. On a day that’s all about you and your beau, why not make a statement with style? And, while doing so, save the planet! Buying a dress that has already been created with rich history is so special. Check out our friends at Mill Crest Vintage. There are so many beautiful styles of dresses that will make you swoon!

vintage-wedding-dresses vintage-wedding-dresses

Borrow a veil! Some brides only wear their veils for the ceremony, thus leaving them basically completely unused. If a recent bride you know has a veil that matches your dress and is still in good condition, why save the cash and the earth and borrow a barely used veil?

Choose local and in-season flowers! You’ll save yourself tons of money. If you’re not sure what flowers are in season during your wedding weekend, check with your florist or a local nursery. You and your florist can also visit a farm to purchase organic florals. Buying local is key because as you may know, importing isn’t cheap!

Consider using uncut flowers in beautiful pots that can be replanted at a later time. Plants and flowers in decorative pottery make for unique centerpieces! They can also serve as favors if you choose to leave your guests with a parting gift.

Also, your bouquet can be eco-friendly! As we know, flowers can be brilliant for more than just one day. Ask your florist if she has left over blooms from an event the night before, or perhaps connect with other green brides and reuse their flowers. Your flowers will shine just as beautifully as they did hours before your wedding and you’ll feel good knowing you haven’t cut new flowers for a one-day affair.

You’ve heard a lot, over the years, about recycling, but did you know that you can upcycle, too? You can upcycle when you convert unused materials or useless products into new items that are better quality and provide a higher environmental value. Basically, you’re just taking something you don’t love, and turning into something fabulous that you adore! Old assorted beads that may not have any importance individually could look really cool on your bouquet or fastened into your garter! Mismatched old jugs and drinking glasses can become interesting and personable vases or candle holders. The possibilities are truly endless.

Consider keeping all of your wedding events in one location so your guests don’t have to travel too much. Think of how much cleaner the air could be if all of your guests abstained from driving during your wedding weekend. If your rehearsal dinner is in walking distance from the out-of-towners’ hotel, we give you high fives! Keeping the ceremony and the reception in the same location also helps minimize the need for a car.

Also, pick a beautiful location that doesn’t need much decor! When you choose a venue or a ceremony spot that is already complete with flowers or plants or drapery — or whatever it is that you fancy — then you can enjoy it in its original and natural state!


If you want to greenify your wedding, ask your caterers to buy their food locally and cook with organic ingredients. Your food will taste better and you’ll be supporting local growers! Double whammy on the goodness meter! Also, try to incorporate local wines in your bar. The more products and vendors from the Slow Food movement, the better for your health, the economy, and your taste buds! After all, not only should food taste good, but it should be produced so that it does not harm the environment and that’s usually in a safe clean way. By doing this, we are also looking out for animal welfare or our health. It’s a win-win!

Clever ideas for letting your guests know the tables at which they’ll be dining are fun and paper-saving alternatives to escort cards. At the entrance of your reception venue, you could create a seating chart on a chalkboard, using different colors and incorporating whimsical designs to match your wedding’s overall style. Make it big enough so guests can see. You could even include two of the same chalkboards on two sides of the space.

Create a rock pattern on a table with names painted on pebbles or river stones. This idea incorporates nature without wasting or killing it, and complements your natural style. We’ve seen this executed well before, and let’s just say, it rocks!

Double dip your seating assignments and make them your favors, too! Made out of totally recyclable materials, the box contains a tiny terracotta pot and seeds ready for planting! You or someone you know can beautifully write the names of the guests and their table numbers on the front of the box so they can PLANT themselves in their seats and then again, PLANT their favors in their gardens. We like these Plant a Memory favors from Tree Beginnings, Inc.

Rent a pre-made chuppah! Unless you plan on keeping it (which is fine!), there’s no sense in making your own to just trash it later. Renting allows for many uses of one product that only has to be manufactured once. Using organic materials or upcycling cloth or poles would be nice, green touches!

If you’re going to order yarmulkes for your guests, consider donating them to a local synogogue or Hillel site after the wedding. You’re going to have leftover yarmulkes so it would be great, and even mitzvah-ish, to donate them to an organization that always needs them. Or, go the other way: if you don’t want to order new yarmulkes, you can collect some from various Jewish affiliations that would probably be happy to let you borrow them for such a wonderful simcha! Spreading love through a kippah: now that’s green AND warm-fuzzies.

Many brides choose to create programs, and they’re often very helpful for Jewish weddings for non-Jewish guests who may be unfamiliar with the ceremony. It’s okay to have programs if you want them. Print them on recycled paper and keep them short and sweet. Simple programs with the necessary information

If you’re a green bride looking for online places to research, check out for ecofriendly wedding purchases! You can find gently used… everything! We especially love what’s offered in Decor and Table items! With, planning your green wedding is a fun and feel-good treasure hunt!

In honor of Green Week, we’ve partnered up with our favorite green online store, The Eco Luxe Life! These green gurus know about every hot product on the market because they’ve personally tested them. From bath & body, to Fido, to chocolate, The Eco Luxe Life has got you covered in all your eco-friendly endeavors. They know all about luxury and pampering and promise that you don’t have to foresake any of the girly stuff we love while saving the planet.

AND guess what? TheEcoLuxeLife loves The Wedding Yentas and all of our readers! So, just for us, they’ve created a coupon code for $5 off any purchase of $20 or more! Start shopping:

Just type in WEDDINGYENTAS at checkout and your loot is all yours for $5 off!

Preserving our planet, planning a wedding, and purchasing posh treasures: Life. Is. Good.

  • Lexi says:

    SO COOL!!!! I love that you’re promoting this very important movement! THANK YOU. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  • Alison says:

    Very cool items. Thanks for the coupon.

  • JaimieSun says:

    I love the idea of making your special day earth-friendly. plus who doesn’t looooove soome of those vintage gowns! beeeeautiful!

  • Zadie says:

    I love using green products and these all look great!